Things a Moving Company Does (That You Won’t)

Things a Moving Company Does (that you won't). Pictured is a side view of Cento Family Moving and Storage truck

If you’re facing an upcoming move—whether it’s across the neighborhood or across the country—you’ve probably been debating whether or not to hire a moving company.

“I can pick up a couple of boxes,” you tell yourself, “how hard could it be?”

But while you’re perfectly capable of performing your own relocation and perfectly within your rights to do so (this is America, after all), there are certain things a moving company does that just make your move, well, better. Things you know you aren’t going to do yourself. Things like…


Pros will individually wrap each item when packing them into boxes.

You can buy all the bubble wrap you want, but you know you’re going to get impatient halfway through and end up tossing things together haphazardly. Sure, it’s quicker. And we know you’re bored and tired and just want to be done already, danggit! But cutting corners can sometimes literally “cut corners” by chipping, breaking, or otherwise damaging your fragile items as they get tossed around in the back of the truck.

Pros, on the other hand, don’t get lazy and give up. Packing things the correct way is second nature to them.


Pros will use unprinted newsprint, bubble wrap, and new boxes.

Be honest. You know you can buy proper equipment at a moving supply store, but odds are, you’re going to save a few bucks with last week’s newspaper (which could transfer ink onto your lampshades) and used boxes from the liquor store (which are likely to collapse on you). And bubble wrap? Unless you have a couple sheets left over from your last Amazon purchase, that step’s going out the window.

The pros will use the right materials for the job, not because it’s “fancy” or “more professional looking,” but because they’ll protect your items better than the cheap stuff.

Basically, the movers care more about your stuff than you do.


Pros will wrap upholstered furniture.

Unless you’ve previously worked for a moving company, you’re not going to take the extra time to wrap up your couch. In fact, you’ll probably put that poor thing through the ringer as you knock into corners, squeeze it through a tight door opening, and use it as a base in the truck for a Leaning Tower of Boxes.

Pros will shrink wrap or use moving blankets to protect your couch from rips, scrapes, and water damage (if it drizzles). They’ll also load it onto the truck in a way that minimizes the potential for damage.


lift with your legs
Professional movers don’t take advice from cartoons.

Pros lift with their legs.

And wear back braces. And engage their core.

No matter how many times you are told to follow proper lifting procedures, you’ll eventually slip into a “whatever, I’m tired” attitude and start throwing boxes around (and throwing your back out).


Pros have insurance.

Which means that when you break something, you’re out of luck (and on the hook for replacing your own big screen). Worse yet is if a friend drops it and you have to hound him for the money without jeopardizing the friendship (awkward!).

But if a pro drops it (and chances are, they won’t, because they do this all the time), you’re covered.


Pros know how to drive a moving truck.

When was the last time you drove a U-Haul? And how many times did you jump a curb or nearly clip a BMW? Moving crews can drive a moving van as easily as walking down the street. Let them handle it before you hurt someone.


Pros get the job done fast.

Professional movers do nothing but move things, so they’ve built up the muscles and worked out the procedures to efficiently move your belongings from Point A to Point B. But when you’re trying to corral your kids or friends into making sure the boxes all end up in the right rooms, Moving Day can take a lot longer than expected.

Cento Family Moving can move the average house in about half a workday.


Pros do the work for you.

After a long, exhausting day of moving, the last thing you want to do is keep working. A moving crew will take care of the moving while you unpack boxes (or even take care of both so you don’t have to lift a finger). At the end of the day, isn’t that a good enough reason to hire a moving company?


Throughout this post, we’ve mentioned things that “pros” will do, but it’s important to mention that not every moving company is made up of “pros.” (Two guys with a U-Haul do not count as a “professional moving crew.”) So make sure you read plenty of reviews and ask lots of questions before hiring a professional moving company (like Cento Family Moving) to handle your move.


  • I wasn’t aware that movers will pack each item individually before putting them in a moving box. That will really help my belongings stay safe. I will be moving a lot of fragile items during my move next month and I’ve been worried about them staying intact. I know that a moving company will be just as careful with my belongings as me; if not more so. I think hiring a professional moving company is an obvious decision.

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