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Moving services are like insurance, you don’t need it until you do, and when you do, it always an unwanted expense. However, just like insurance, moving helpers can save you tons of money over the course of a move. If you don’t have homeowners insurance and a natural disaster destroys your home, you’ll be out of pocket for all of the expenses. If you don’t work with professional movers in the Sanford, FL area when you are looking to relocate, you’ll risk not just the destruction of your property, but the expense of truck rental, supplies, labor, and even potentially insurance on the transit and moving truck. All in all, professional movers like Cento Family Moving and Storage save you time, money, and headaches time and time again.

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Moving Supplies in Sanford, FL

Even if you are moving on your own, you need the proper supplies. Are your valuable furniture items wrapped appropriately? Did you even know that furniture should be wrapped to prevent damage? How about your boxes, are they packed efficiently and effectively to minimize movement and maximize security? These are important questions that local moving companies can answer for you. Not only do professional movers in Sanford, FL have the answers, they have the equipment, from high-quality, dense mats and pads, to dollies, hand trucks, and quality tape. Moving supplies can get very expensive quickly, which is another reason using expert movers from the beginning is a great savings opportunity.

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What’s New in Sanford

Sanford is one of the fastest growing cities in northern Orlando, with a bustling downtown scene ripe with restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. For example, if you love craft beer, Celery City is the spot, with delicious brews on draft every day. Right down the street, you’ll find Willow Tree, a Sanford staple, with amazing German food and one of the most iconic beer experiences on earth, Das Boot! It’s not only fun and food in Sanford, there’s great culture, museums, and even the zoo to enjoy. With downtown Sanford getting a huge boost recently, the city is doing even more to add value to the area, focusing on a Heritage Park project that is going to bring jobs and revenue to the Central Florida region.

Sanford is a Great Place to Live

From parks to museums, Sanford has the amenities that bring families together. Lake Monroe, a widening of the St. John’s river offers amazing marina sights and sounds, as well as a wealth of fun activities. When it comes to art, Sanford is second to none in Central Florida, specializing in folk art, which they are nationally recognized for. For those interested in historic homes and buildings, Sanford’s history dates back nearly 200 years, with Henry Shelton Sanford purchasing the land, prospecting on citrus and farming. What we now know as the Sanford Airport was a U.S. Naval Air Station for two decades in the mid-20th century.

Moving to Sanford is a great opportunity for anyone interested in a mixture of culture and practicality, just minutes from the heart of Orlando. If you’re considering a move to Sanford, Cento Family Moving and Storage is your professional moving company, ready to help you relocate throughout Central Florida.

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