Peace of Mind.

We know you have choices, but challenge you to find a more thorough, efficient, customer-driven moving company.
Everyone moves. At some point in life, you'll be moving from one place to the next and our singular goal is to be there for you. As a family-owned and operated Central Florida business, we take pride in the thousands and thousands of individuals we've helped along their way, and look forward to the many more we will get to help in the future.

To us, moving is more than just boxes, tape, a truck, and a map. Moving is part of a life cycle, the natural progression of growth, the immediate response to change. We believe that moving does not have to be one of the most stressful days of your life, that qualified help does not have to be the most expensive offering, and that the needs of the customer come first.

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How We Started

Nearly a decade ago, we began a journey of helping people through one of the most stressful days imaginable... moving day.
Front view of Cento Family Moving and Storage truck
Woman shaking the hand of a mover after they signed their contract

Why We Do What We Do

Our customer service driven approach to moving is built around saving our clients time, money, and moving them to a state of peacefulness.

Licensed and Insured

We believe that you should know how much insurance your moving company has and what they are licensed to do.
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  • Licensed for Moves within Florida
  • Licensed For Moves Throughout the USA
  • Insured $250,000 Beyond Industry Standards
  • Customer Satisfaction and Climbing

Our Team

We are motivated by the opportunity for improvement. Our willingness to always exceed expectations and a penchant for making people smile has made CentoMoving one of the top moving companies in Central Florida. We've built a team of dedicated professionals who are poised to help people move effortlessly, offering peace of mind on a hectic day.
Felipe standing in front of the cento family moving and storage truck
Man moving furniture into a moving truck

Our Employees

We don't just hire professional movers (we do!), we also train within. To us, a mover is more than just an individual who can lift things repetitively. Our team consists of amazing, intelligent, problem-solvers, who think on their feet and execute cumbersome jobs while remaining pleasant and efficient.

What Some of Our Customers are Saying

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