How to Write a Moving Company Review

How to Write a Moving Company Review

Moving company reviews can be extremely helpful because they provide consumers with valuable information they can use to make a decision.

These decisions can be as important as choosing a crew to move your possessions across the country or as trivial as deciding where to eat dinner. This week, we’re going to help you with writing a moving company review after you’ve already hired someone to do the job.

Your moving company review can be either positive (you approved of their work) or negative (you didn’t approve of their work), but it should always be a good review (i.e. helpful and well-written). It can be tempting to simply say “They did a great job!” and leave it at that, but putting a bit more effort into crafting your review will help other people in their decision-making process and will also provide valuable feedback to the moving company.

Moving Company Reviews

The primary reason for writing a moving company review is to provide consumers with valuable information. An honest, well-written review doesn’t do anything for the reviewer, but it does help others make an informed choice.

The best online reviews focus on more than whether or not the packed boxes made it to their final address. They cover how professional the crew was, the materials and processes for packing and protecting furniture, and whether there is a surcharge for moving to a third-floor apartment.

Knowing what to expect, you and other potential customers have reasonable expectations regarding the scope of the work so you can compare apples to apples when selecting a moving company.

Why Should I Write a Moving Company Review?

Writing a moving company review helps companies grow. If you had a particularly good experience involving your moving company, you may think leaving a tip would suffice. But leaving them a stellar review helps them tremendously.

When potential customers see rave reviews it fosters a trusting relationship with the company they’re hiring. The same goes for not-so-good reviews. They are able to look at the complaints and come to an informed decision.


Who Should Leave a Moving Company Review?

If you’ve hired a moving company then you should feel free to leave a review. Someone who heard from their brother’s uncle’s friend that a company was great (or not great) should not leave a review because it’s not authentic.

Detailed, valid reviews are the best tool potential customers have to choose between companies.

How To Write A Moving Company Review

  • Be Truthful – Don’t embellish the good or the bad. It’s not authentic and doesn’t help others make informed decisions.
  • Be Thorough – If you leave a review that says ‘They did a good job,’ as great as the 5-stars are, it doesn’t really help the business or others. Try to highlight what the company did well and even what they can improve on.
  • Be Studious – Do your homework before leaving a review. If you’re reviewing a company with stellar reviews but you feel as though they were lacking, make sure you specify why. In contrast, if you chose to give a poorly rated company a chance and had a good experience, highlight what they did well and that they have turned a corner in their service.
  • Be Respectful – Don’t use too many exclamation points to emphasize your point. Don’t use vulgar language or unnecessary name-calling. Not only is it unprofessional but your review won’t be taken as seriously as you’d like it to.
  • Be Fair – Did something not live up to your expectations (such as a broken possession) but the company replaced the value and everything else went off without a hitch? A scathing 1-star review wouldn’t really be appropriate here. State the good and bad and be fair with your rating.

Cento Moving Knows Reviews Matter

Whether you’re leaving a masterpiece 5-star review for a company that went above and beyond, or a detailed 1-star review for a company that missed the mark, your reviews are important.

Not only can reviews help a small business reach their goals, but they can also help potential customers choose between companies. At Cento Moving, we proudly display our reviews on our site. We know that it’s important for potential customers to see.

Your job is to make sure that your review is honest, fair, and as detailed as possible.

If you have a move coming up, or if you need help finding where to leave a review, give us a call. We are happy to help.

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