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Orlando is a fantastic city to work in, whether it is a small single-office operation or a large-scale employer with hundreds of team members working together.

When you find the perfect new office in Orlando, you need commercial movers who can handle the job. Our office moving services include packing, storage, and wrapping furniture, as well as insurance for all your office valuables.

When you’re looking for Orlando office movers, it isn’t just about finding the lowest price. You need a moving company with unparalleled service because office equipment such as printers, computers, and even desks and chairs, are very expensive and must be protected properly.

In addition, your commercial office movers must know how to correctly disassemble and reassemble all necessary furniture and equipment to your exact specifications, ensuring a smooth transition from one office to the next.

Here at Cento Family Moving & Storage, we work quickly and efficiently because we know that time is money, so the more time you have to work and the less time your office is out of commission due to a move, the more effective you’ll be.

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Trustworthy Movers

You need a moving company that can handle relocating your office responsibly, getting you back to work fast:

  • Years of Experience in Office Moves
  • Single Offices to Sprawling Buildings
  • $250k More Insurance than Others

  • Trustworthy Movers
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    Saving You Precious Time

    Time is money and your business needs to get back to work as soon as possible. For that, you need professionals who:

    • Protect Your Investment
    • Efficiently Execute Your Relocation
    • Reset Your Office Exactly As You Need

  • Saving You Precious Time
  • office desk chair and items reset after corporate relocation

    Setting Up Success

    We’ve moved countless office buildings, from hundreds of work stations to individual offices, so we can:

    • Get Your Business Moving Again
    • Reset Your Office Exactly to Plan
    • Minimize Downtime, Maximizing Profit

  • Setting Up Success
    • Planning Your Commercial Move

      Planning is essential to a commercial moving project. In order to properly organize the relocation of a business, you need professional movers capable of executing a multitude of tasks at once.

      Your office furniture removal company should know exactly where every piece of furniture is going in your new office setting and that requires a planned schematic of the move. The extra work put into planning your company move, the less time it will take to execute, meaning you can get back to work!

      Moving offices will be simple and easy with Cento Family Moving & Storage taking care of your commercial move, because we’ve done it many times before, bringing valuable commercial moving services experience to your doorstep.

      Orlando Commercial Movers and Packers

      One of the most time-consuming tasks when relocating an office is packing up each and every item, every stapler, every computer cord. These tasks waste your precious time and can be handled easily by your corporate movers, Cento Family Moving and Storage.

      We are a local Orlando moving company and we will take care of every item, no matter how small or large. All of your office furniture will be protected just as effectively as each computer screen. Moving Orlando businesses is what we do.

      When you are considering moving quotes from Central Florida commercial office movers, call Cento Family Moving and Storage or simply fill out our quick an easy quote form for more information.

      Typically, an office move requires an in-person assessment of your equipment and furniture, but if you are able to accurately assess the needs of the relocation, our online quote form will be able to give you a frame of reference for your investment.

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