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The Best Places to Retire in Florida

The Best Places to Retire in Florida

Florida’s weather, easy beach access, overall relaxed daily life, and no state income tax make it a popular spot for people from all over the country. Who would ever want to leave? Now that you’re retiring, however, you might want a change. Lucky for you, you have the whole state to choose from. But how do you choose which city to move to? Where are the best places to retire…

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Lake Eola at Orlando - Orlando vs. Clermont

Where Should I Live in Florida?: Orlando vs. Clermont

Florida’s year-round great weather is just one of the reasons why so many people love to move here. But while many people know they want to move to Florida, they are confused about which city should be their next home. We’ve written about plenty of Florida cities over the past few years—from Miami to Jacksonville—but this time we’re looking a little closer to our own backyard. In this Central Florida…

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Orlando vs. Jacksonville: Which City is Right For You?

Orlando vs. Jacksonville (Which City is Right For You?)

They’re both major Florida cities, but Orlando and Jacksonville are far from similar. Many native Floridians say that the Sunshine State is upside-down: the northern areas are more “Southern” and the southern areas are more “Northern.” This is certainly the case with the centrally located Orlando and the practically-on-the-Georgia-border Jacksonville. If you’re considering moving to or from one of these cities, here’s what you can expect.   Jacksonville: The Bold…

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Tampa vs. Orlando: Which City is Right For You?

Tampa vs. Orlando (Which City is Right For You?)

Orlando may have won last year’s War on I-4, but does it defeat Tampa when it comes to where to live? Answering the “Tampa vs. Orlando” question might seem easy to outsiders (“What’s the difference? They’re both in Central Florida, right?”) but the locals know that there’s a pretty big gulf in between the two cities. And no, we’re not talking about the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re considering moving…

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Tampa vs. St Petersburg (Which City is Right For You?)

Tampa vs St. Pete (Which City is Right For You?)

While they are often lumped into one metropolis, Tampa and St. Petersburg are separated by a very large gulf (well, technically it’s a bay). Because it’s one of the largest metropolitan areas in Florida, the Tampa-St. Pete area brings in a lot of new residents. A recent study by ranked the area as the #1 most moved-to city last year, and the 3rd most popular among Millennials. You can’t…

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Miami vs. West Palm Beach: Which City is Right for You?

Miami vs. West Palm Beach: Which City is Right For You?

When most “outsiders” think of Florida, they think of South Florida. The beaches, palm trees, tropical drinks, and thriving nightlife often conjure up thoughts of one city: Miami! But, just one hour north you hit another Floridian gem: West Palm Beach. In our last article, we looked at Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but this week, we’ll be focusing on Miami vs. West Palm Beach. Both cities have plenty to offer,…

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Miami vs. Fort lauderdale: Which City is Right for You?

Miami vs. Fort Lauderdale: Which City is Right For You?

Palm trees, laid back lifestyle, tropical breezes, sandy shores…South Florida is calling your name! But which city is right for you and your family? In this article, we’ll be comparing and contrasting Miami vs. Fort Lauderdale. The cities may only be a 35-minute drive apart, but they’re as different as night and day. Read on to find out which one is the best choice for you.   Jobs Tourism continues…

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Moving to Jacksonville? First, read this article to see all the great things about Jax. Then, call Cento Family Moving to help get you there.

Moving to Jacksonville

You’re the proud owner of a crisp new diploma. You want to settle down in a city with a strong job market and good blend of Northerners and Southerners. You don’t want to deal with too many tourists or snowbirds but you aren’t willing to give up Florida’s beaches and spring-like winters. You should definitely think about moving to Jacksonville. Nestled snugly on the St. John’s River, Jacksonville is also…

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moving to south dakota

Moving to South Dakota

While Vermont, Oregon, and Washington D.C. are still popular places to move, one state emerged as a new winner in 2016. According to United Van Line’s annual moving survey, South Dakota topped the list of most popular moving destination. So why are so many people moving to South Dakota? Other than Mount Rushmore, what’s so great about “The Mount Rushmore State”? As it turns out, plenty.   Jobs As the…

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Top Reasons to Move to Austin [Infographic]

Our friends at Austin Party Ride have an awesome infographic and some great information on why you might want to move to Austin. Check it out: Everything’s big in Texas, and Austin is no different. You’ll notice that in this city, people tend to take one good thing and push it up a notch, making it larger than life. Music festivals, like Austin City Limits and SXSW, have entertained not…

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