Top Cities for UCF Grads

Congratulations, UCF grads! After four (or more) years of early classes, finals, and term papers, you finally have that degree you worked so hard for. But where do you go (literally) from here? Is Orlando the place to find a great job or is there another city that’s better for your career of choice?

We looked at the most popular UCF majors (Business Management, Healthcare, Psychology, Education, and Engineering) and rounded up the top cities for UCF grads in each job industry. Get ready to shlep that sheepskin across the country!


Business Management/Marketing

Chicago is a great spot to start your career in Business Management.

Because every city in the world has businesses, a degree in Business Management or Marketing is useful anywhere. But the highest concentration of jobs—and the highest salaries—can be found in the country’s biggest cities. Of course, there’s always New York City, but the White Plains area of New York State has the highest concentration of management jobs in the U.S. Not excited about the Empire State? Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. are close runners-up.



There’s a reason why healthcare remains one of the most popular majors year after year: the medical field is practically recession-proof. If you have a degree in healthcare, you can get hired anywhere, but there are a few cities with better track records than others. According to ZipRecruiter, the cities with the highest concentration of healthcare jobs (and the most healthcare companies) are Phoenix, Sacramento, and Tampa.



Lake Eola
Orlando has one of the highest earning potentials for budding psychologists.

Psychology remains a popular career choice for many young students, and there’s plenty of job opportunities available for recent psychology grads. Cities with large populations tend to have the most job openings available (think Sacramento, New York, and Chicago). But others may surprise you. Newark’s earning potential for psychologists is more than $100,000. But Orlando beats it with an earning potential of $121,000. As a UCF grad, you may not have to move out of the city after all.



Many graduates choose to continue the education cycle and launch a teaching career. Of course, you never have to travel far to find a school district with open positions, but if you want a change of scenery, you might try looking outside your hometown. The ever-growing region around Washington, D.C. offers a plethora of teaching positions, and Los Angeles and Las Vegas have plenty of job positions available in all aspects of the education industry.


Huntsville, Alabama is also known as “The Rocket City.”


Engineering is one field that doesn’t seem to limit itself to big cities. Forbes uncovered the cities with the highest number of engineering jobs with the highest salary, and the results may surprise you. Top of the list? Huntsville, AL. With representation from the U.S. Army as well as NASA, “The Rocket City” is a top spot for anyone looking for a job in engineering. Also on the list is the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville area of Florida. And it’s not all due to NASA. Harris Corporation and Intersil Corporation are both headquartered here and employ thousands. Warner Robins, GA may not offer engineers the highest salary on Forbes’ list, but the low rent and high concentration of job openings makes it a great choice to start your career.


If your degree is in a different area of study, never fear. Check out the 10 best overall cities for recent college grads. These cities have great job growth, a strong population of other new graduates, and (in some cases) a fun nightlife scene.

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