Moving to San Diego, CA

Perfect weather. Plenty of job growth. Laid-back lifestyle. Moving to San Diego will turn all of your "California dreaming" into reality.

If you’re looking for a city with perfect weather, bustling job market, and a laid-back lifestyle, we might have found it: San Diego! “America’s Finest City” (yes, that’s the official nickname) is also the country’s 8th largest; the way we figure, 1.3 million people can’t be wrong. Read on to find out why moving to San Diego could be the perfect way to turn your “California dreaming” into reality.



The San Diego job market primarily consists of jobs in defense, tourism, and technology, so if you’re in any of those fields, moving to San Diego may be a good choice. Military jobs account for 22% of all jobs in the area; in fact, San Diego has the largest concentration of military in the country. If you’re moving to San Diego from Orlando, maybe the tourism industry is more your thing. Not to worry, San Diego has the country’s fifth largest convention and visitor industry (Orlando was first, of course). Innovators, rejoice! Technology is a huge part of the local economy, accounting for approximately 25% of all jobs in the area, so if you’re hoping to go to work in the computer sciences or biotech industry, you’ll be right at home in San Diego.



Little Italy – The residents of Little Italy don’t think you need to move to the suburbs just because you have kids. This downtown hub is family-friendly, vibrant, and full of pizza joints, so you shouldn’t have to work too hard to get your kids on board. Streets are clean and well-preserved, despite the fact that you’re living right downtown. Street Advisor voted it the #1 neighborhood in San Diego.

Chula Vista – Parents of young kids know how difficult it is not to worry about the youngsters, but Chula Vista is trying to make it a little easier on you. A partnership with Live Well San Diego means healthy school lunch options, disaster preparedness (like earthquakes), and safe school routes will soon be everywhere. Plus, housing prices and rent are (relatively) cheap. What more could you want?

Encinitas – Why bother moving to San Diego if you’re not going to take advantage of the great weather and beautiful scenery? The neighborhood of Encinitas offers nature preserves, a nature center, and 30 miles of trails for jogging, biking, or horseback riding. Getting back to nature never felt so much like going home.

El Cerrito – Want to get into a hot new neighborhood before it gets cool? Real estate site says “El Cerrito!” Featuring historic houses, walkable streets, trendy eateries, and close proximity to the highway, this area is poised for growth. Get in while the rent and home prices are still cheap!

There’s plenty more where that came from. Check out San Diego Magazine’s list of top San Diego neighborhoods.


If there was ever such a thing as “perfect weather,” San Diego has it. Temperatures range from the mid-60’s in the winter to the low 70’s in the summer, so you’ll be comfortable year-round. Unlike Central Florida, rain is rare but more common during winter months. (Thunderstorms will practically be a thing of the past.)

When you first think of moving to California, you might get freaked out by the thought of earthquakes, but there’s no need to worry. The infamous San Andreas fault doesn’t run through (or anywhere near) San Diego. There are a number of smaller fault lines that criss-cross San Diego county but—compared to the rest of California—the ground around San Diego is quiet. However, make sure you and your family stay safe by educating yourself about earthquake safety and coming up with a disaster preparedness plan.


Cost of Living

San Diego has a lot to offer its residents and that’s certainly reflected in the cost of living. San Diego is 72% more expensive than Orlando, with the biggest sticker-shock coming from home prices: the median cost of a home is $552,000 (in Orlando, it’s only $161,000). It’s no New York City, but San Diego does make the list of Top 10 Most Expensive U.S. Cities. Keep this in mind when you’re job hunting; $50,000 in Southern California won’t go nearly as far as it will in Orlando.

Another thing to keep in mind is California’s state income tax (something Florida doesn’t have). Depending on your income, you will pay between 1-12.3% income tax. (So do the math before you accept that salary at your new job!)



San Diego is famous for its beaches. In fact, it has 70 miles of coastline that you can enjoy year-round. While the winter weather may not be great for swimming, you can still enjoy the long strips of soft sandy beaches, gorgeous coastline sunsets, and sunny days when people in other states are bundled up inside their homes. On any given day, especially during the spring and summer months, you can find people outside playing volleyball, riding bikes along the boardwalk, strolling the beachside shops or simply soaking up the sun. Active and healthy living is a mainstay in the area. It’s no surprise that San Diego recently made the list of Top 10 Fittest Cities in America.

A gorilla basks in the sun at the San Diego Zoo.

If you’re moving to San Diego from Florida, you may have had your fill of beaches. But there’s plenty of other things to do in America’s Finest City. The world-renowned San Diego Zoo, a thriving theater district, and a bustling art scene will all make sure you never have a problem finding something exciting to do! Kids and adults alike will love the museums, parks, and attractions inside Balboa Park, but don’t neglect other area attractions, such as the Birch Aquarium and the USS Midway Museum.


Although it comes with a hefty price tag, moving to San Diego is worth the mild weather, world-renowned cultural activities, and miles of gorgeous coastline that you’ll get out of life in America’s Finest City. Call Cento Family Moving & Storage today to find out how quickly you can get started on your California lifestyle.




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