The Top 10 Pros and Cons of Moving to the Beach

Pros and cons of moving to the beach

Sun, sand, surf…could anything be better? Let’s find out, shall we?

Before moving to the beach, consider the pros and cons.


Here in Central Florida, going to the beach is pretty much a year-round delight. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably considered what it would be like living at the beach. Walk straight from your house to the beach? No loading up the car with beach stuff…just shower and relax!

But before making that move to or even near the beach, it’s important to know the bad as well as the good. (After all, if there were no downsides, everyone would do it!)

Check out our pros and cons of moving to the beach.


Pros of Moving to the Beach

Calling all water babies and beach bums!

You probably don’t need us to telling you how great moving to the beach can be. But just the same, here are the top 5 perks of living near an ocean.

A person standing on the beach at sunset.

1. Living Near An Ocean Provides Natural Stress Relief

Science is starting to understand what humans have known for millennia: living near the ocean can greatly improve your sense of calm.

From breathing in the salty sea air and hearing the crashing waves to feeling the sand between your toes and enjoying those gorgeous views, moving to the beach could be the best thing for your mental health. No more “ocean waves” playlist needed!

2. There’s Ton to Do When You Live At the Beach

Whether you move to a tourist hot spot or a more secluded coast, there’s always something to do at the beach. Enjoy the delicious seafood restaurants, cute shops, and fun tourist attractions…or avoid them until the offseason.

Of course, the best thing about living in a seaside town is…the sea! Even if you choose to stay away from packed tourist traps, you can always surf, sunbathe, or just enjoy the sound of the waves. One thing’s for sure, beach living will never be boring.

Hearts drawn in the sand by a beach at sunset.

3. Healthier Lifestyle Near the Beach

Did you know that living at the beach is healthier than inland?

One of the reasons is that the food that is readily available and fresh at the beach is also one of the healthiest foods: seafood! Seafood is low in fat and full of omega-3 that you just don’t find in red meat.

People also tend to be healthier at the beach because you don’t have to travel to get fit. A daily walk on the beach can get your heart pumping and your muscles toned and strong. People are more prone to get moving if they don’t have to hop in the car to do so. 

4. Higher Home Values Near the Beach

Everyone wants to live on the beach, but there isn’t enough coastline for all of them. That makes beachside homes more desirable and in turn, more valuable. A home on the beach might have the same square footage and features as one farther inland, but it will hold a much higher value simply by existing near the ocean.

Two women jumping making a heart shape at the beach.

5. Lots of Visitors When Living at the Beach!

Homebodies, rejoice! Now that you have that amazing seaside getaway, we guarantee that family and friends will be begging to visit your beach house. No more driving all over town to meet up. Everyone will want to meet up at your place!

Be prepared to carve out several weeks a year for out-of-town visitors.


Cons of Moving to the Beach

“What? How could there be any negatives to moving to the beach?” As we said earlier, if there were no downsides, everyone would do it, and there are certainly some negative impacts of living at the beach.

Whether you’re considering a move to the Gulf or the Atlantic, you’ll feel a lot better about your decision if you understand the potential pitfalls.

6. Lots of Visitors When Living at the Beach…

Wait…wasn’t that just listed as a pro? Yeah, but it can definitely be a mark in the “con” column, too.

If you enjoy your peace and quiet, you might not want to have friends and family using your home as a hotel all year. Make sure that you set some boundaries from the beginning so that your comrades know that you are not their personal pit stop. 

View of a high winds and high tide at the beach during a storm.

7. Inclement Weather

We know what you’re thinking: “How can all that beautiful, breezy, sunshiny weather be anything but year-round perfection?” Well, don’t pull out your shades yet. One of the biggest problems with living on the beach is the weather. 

Here in Florida, hurricanes are an annual threat and you will have to purchase flood insurance in addition to your homeowner’s policy. The potential for hurricanes pus your beach house under constant threat, so it’s definitely worth considering if that’s something you want to contend with year in and year out.

8. Home Deterioration Near the Beach

It’s not only Category 3 storms that can cause home damage. The salty sea air can pose a threat as well. Salty air accelerates rust and can also cause abrasions to the paint on your home.

If you do decide to move to the beach, keep up with proper maintenance to ensure your home stays as beautiful as it was when you bought it.

9. Higher Home Insurance Premiums

The very thing that makes your new home such a paradise (proximity to the ocean) also makes it a much bigger liability. Beach erosion, increased wear-and-tear, and catastrophic storms can only mean one thing: higher homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Make sure to shop around for quality insurance at an affordable price.

Private walkway to the beach.

10. Higher Home Prices Near the Beach

Buying a house or condo at the beach is definitely an investment. But while you can rest assured that your dream home will keep its value, it also means you’ll be spending a pretty penny to move in.

Research the best time to buy a beach home. This will help you to save a few bucks upfront (and maximize your gains if you ever choose to sell).


Moving to the Beach? Cento Moving Can Help!

Moving to the beach can be an exciting endeavor. After all, it’s on most people’s “bucket lists” for a reason.

But it’s important for you to consider all the pros and cons of what owning a beach home will entail. In addition to the stunning views, laidback lifestyle, and incredible seafood, you’ll also need to budget for higher home maintenance and insurance (and maybe an extra bedroom for all those visitors).

Whenever you are ready to “take the plunge,” Cento Moving is here to help! Whether you’re just going from Orlando to New Smyrna or if you’re making a long-distance move from out of state, Cento Moving has it all under control. 

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