Moving to Kansas City

When it comes to living in Kansas City, there is more to it than meets the eye!

K.C. is a Midwest metropolis that has an often overlooked art and food scene and is filled with many locally owned and operated businesses that are a rare find in most American cities. Because of it’s vibrant, freespirited vibe, it’s been called the “Paris of the Plains” and is still a preferred hometown for the young and modern. If you are looking for a city that is a perfect pairing of urban and suburban, Kansas City, Missouri may be the place for you!



In a recent report, Kansas City topped the charts as the third best place in the U.S. for bachelor’s degree holders to find a job and it’s located right in the middle of the burgeoning Silicon Prairie. There are 11,538 businesses in Kansas City that have fewer than 10 employees, which shows the city’s grand entrepreneurial spirit! Got an idea for a business? You might seriously want to consider moving here! And if you need a little help getting that startup off the ground, check out one of the many support organizations that can help get your business going: Kansas City Startup Village, KC Sourcelink, or Entrepreneurial Exchange, just to name a few.



River Market: This ultra-urban neighborhood is located just north of downtown and is home to the Midwest’s largest farmer’s market. It encompasses four square miles and has some of the best shopping and dining that KC has to offer. It has almost everything you need within walking distance and is a hot spot for young, hip professionals.

kansas city viewThe Country Club Plaza: This unique neighborhood has been called the “Rodeo Drive of the Midwest” and is one of the oldest outdoor shopping districts in the country. A trip to the “plaza” and you may just think you are in Old World Europe as it was designed to look similar to Seville, Spain. It’s adorned with hand-painted mosaics, ornate iron work, and statues and fountains that are reminiscent of another time. All along the perimeter of the shopping district you can choose from apartments, condos, and even some single family homes, that are mostly occupied by singles or couples in their 30’s.

Westport: The Westport neighborhood offers tree lined streets and quiet living, right off of the old Santa Fe Trail. In addition to its quiet, yet urban, living, it’s also one of the oldest entertainment districts in the city. Westport is pedestrian and bicycle friendly and offers the quiet charm of a suburban neighborhood with the entertainment, and shopping and dining you can find in the city.

Looking to live somewhere a little more suburban? Just across the state border is the actual “Kansas” part of Kansas City. You’ll be close enough to all the city life, but you’ll still have a place to relax at the end of the day.



If you’re looking to experience all four seasons, Kansas City is your place! The weather ranges from hot in the summer to cold in the winter and everything in between. Light snow in winter gives way to beautiful springs, cozy summer thunderstorms, and picture perfect falls. If you are used to Florida weather, you’ll love the full range of weather that you can experience in Kansas City!


Cost of Living

Kansas City’s cost of living index is 9% lower than the national average, so you should be able to maintain or even increase your standard of living. The average home price is around $132,000 (compared to Orlando’s $181,000). We’ll let you decide whether to pocket the difference or upgrade to a larger house!

Unlike Florida, Missouri does have a state income tax—6% if you make more $50,000. Sound a little too steep? You can always live just over the border in Kansas, where the state income tax would only be 4.6%.



No matter what type of lifestyle you want to lead, Kansas City is right up your alley. If you’re musically inclined, the Jazz Capital of the World has plenty of clubs and nightlife to keep your toes tappin’. Love a good rack of ribs and a kansas city bbqglass of sweet tea? Kansas City is also known as the BBQ Capital of the World. And if you’re a Millenial, you’ve probably already heard that Kansas City has been named one of America’s Best Cities for Hipsters. Bring on the craft coffee and indie music!


Overall, Kansas City is an often underrated, hidden Midwestern gem that will make a great home for your family, whether you’re seeking the culture of a big city, or the charm of a small town. Ready to start packing? Make sure you call Cento Family Moving for a free estimate, or visit our online quote calculator to see how we can get your family on the road.

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