How To Move To Another State

How To Move To a New State

Relocating can be both overwhelming and exciting.

Let our moving experts show you how to move to another state (without losing your mind).


Moving to another state can be overwhelming. And of course, there’s a lot to do before the big day. From telling friends and family to planning your big garage sale, you’ll have a lot on your plate.

Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. Read on for some tips on how to move to another state and how Cento Moving can make your relocation stress free.


Learn About Your New State

Whether you’re moving to a new state for business or pleasure, it helps to get to know the area you’re relocating to. If it’s too far to go visit, do some online research.

When researching your new location, some things to consider are commute times to and from work, local traffic laws, and how busy the surrounding area is. Traffic around major cities can get congested. If you’re near a tourist trap, you might want to add extra time to your daily drive.

map of the United States focused on Idaho

If you have children, you will want to look at the public or private schools in the area. If you can’t find something that fits your needs, make sure to research charter schools.

Homeschool families should be aware that each state has different laws for homeschooling. It would be wise to look these up before your move so that you have all of the paperwork you need.


Budget for Cost of Living

Different states have different costs of living. If you already have a job lined up, make sure you can still afford your other daily expenses.

Research gas prices, local and state taxes, and any other obscure taxes like grocery taxes. These varying amounts can significantly impact your quality of living.


Hire Movers

Moving all of your stuff can be extremely stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Hire professional movers to load, drive, and unload your treasured items.

It is important to hire movers that you trust. Make sure to look at reviews, license and insurance status, and the services they offer.


Set Up New Utilities

When it’s time to move, you want to make sure you’ve already turned on your utilities. There’s nothing worse than entering your new home just to find out you have no AC for the first few nights (or heat!). We know it’s stressful having to pay for utilities for your old and new home, but it’s necessary to have them overlap for the most comfortable transition.

Make sure that you contact the local electricity, heat, wi-fi, cable, water, and garbage/recycling companies for the smoothest relocation.

Keep in mind that if you’ve bought a house, the previous owner may have to transfer the utilities to you.

California DMV office

Drivers License and Vehicle Registration

Lastly, it is vital to change your driver’s license and vehicle registration to match the state you are moving to. Some states require these to be changed within 10-30 days from the move, but each state varies. Make your appointment in advance so that you can avoid the long lines at the DMV.

You’ll also want to be sure to change the address on all of your accounts to your new residence address.

Contact your auto insurance, subscription companies, credit cards, stores (like Amazon), banks, and any auto bill pay. It will take time to change your address on all accounts, so be sure to do this before the actual moving day.

An excellent service to take advantage of is the USPS change-of-address form that will forward all of your old mail to your new address.


Health Insurance

While most insurance will cover things that happen while you are temporarily traveling out of state, permanently moving to a different state is another ball game. Even if you’re moving for a job with the same company, you will still have to switch insurance plans.

It is vital to get copies of your medical records since you won’t be living near your doctor any longer. Medical records can be available immediately or take weeks. Be sure to grab them as soon as you know you’re moving.


Find A Doctor

While we’re talking about healthcare, it’s important to research the doctors in the area that you might need. It’s easy enough to Google a PCP (Primary Care Physician), but it’s another thing entirely to find adequate specialists should you need regular care from one.

Don’t wait until you move to find these doctors, especially if you require regular care due to a condition. Do it early.


Register To Vote

If you are an active voter, you’ll want to get registered to vote in your new state shortly after your move. You don’t want to put it off, forget about it, and then miss a deadline and subsequently not be able to vote.

woman's hands holding fanned out stack of bills

Set Aside Some Money

Moving to a new state is stressful enough without having to worry about something going wrong. You don’t want to get to your new home and find out you have a significant expense that you didn’t plan for.

As soon as you know that you’re moving, begin setting aside a “What If” fund. If you don’t end up using the extra money, use them to explore your new city once you’re settled in!



Moving can feel stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re moving to a new state. Luckily, careful planning can make the situation so much easier.

At Cento Moving, we’ve built a reputation in Central Florida as a company that goes above and beyond in whatever way we can. We move, so you don’t have to. Cento Moving confidently handles long-distance moves and can store your belongings in our climate-controlled storage facility if need be. We are your one-stop shop for all things moving.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask! Otherwise, get a free quote today to get started with your move.


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