15 Garage Sale Tips to Get Ready for Moving Day

15 Garage Sale Tips to Get Ready for Moving Day

Moving takes enough time and effort already, the last thing you want to do is paying to move items you don’t even want in the new house.

Whether you’re looking to downsize or just declutter, preparing for a move is the best time to have a garage sale.

A successful garage sale can not only rid you of unwanted items but also raise some extra money to cover moving costs.

Below are some of the best garage sale tips to make the most out of it.

15 Great Garage Sale Tips

Setting up your own front yard storefront can be daunting, but if you prepare ahead of time with these garage sale tips, it can be smooth sailing.

1. Pick a Date

The weekends (especially Saturdays) are the best days to have a garage sale. If this conflicts with your work schedule, you’ll probably want to arrange to take a day off. Avoid holidays or other major local events so they don’t conflict with your sale.

If you can manage it, spring and autumn are great times to capitalize on people wanting to get outside and enjoy the weather.

2. Check With Authorities

While it is rare to get in trouble for this, double-check with your city council about special permits needed for garage sales.

You’ll also want to check with your HOA. Some associations have weekends set aside for garage sales and don’t allow them during the rest of the year.

3. Create an Inventory

Organization is key here. After you have sorted through all your stuff and have the items you want to get rid of, catalog it all.

This can help you keep track of it, but it also helps you judge how big of a sale you need. You might need multiple days for bigger sales or perhaps a quick trip to Goodwill would take care of it.

4. Clean Your Pieces

No one wants to buy the dusty old stuff you found in your attic. If it is an item worth selling and not trash, clean it up and make any necessary repairs.

5. Quantity of Items

For a good sale, you want to have a large variety of items. If you only have enough stuff to fill a box or so, it might be easier to donate it to Goodwill or find individual buyers through social media.

6. Quality of Items

outdated antique radios
Think of your garage sale like a store; don’t just fill it up with junk!

If your tables are overflowing with broken, outdated, or incomplete items, it will look tacky and push people away.

7. Creative Advertising

Don’t settle for inefficient advertising like the classic “sign at the end of the corner.”

Use social media to your advantage. Make a Facebook group and advertise among your friends and family to spread the word.

8. Make it a Neighborhood Affair

If you want to make this yard sale a big deal, make it a neighborhood affair.

Invite your neighbors to join in. Coordinate a big joint sale for bigger advertising and a great bonding event.

9. Reasonable Prices

The key to a garage sale is that you are there to get a bit of money back for your used stuff, not make a profit off brand new merchandise.

Be reasonable in your prices. Look up what similar used items go for online and don’t be afraid to undercut that price. People come to garage sales expecting a great deal.

10. Be Ready to Make a Deal

When the day is reaching an end and you still haven’t sold that item, be ready and willing to let it go for a rock-bottom price.

It’s better to cut the price a bit to get it off your hands, than to have to take it with you (or throw it away).

percent sale signs in store window

11. Be Prepared for Haggling

There will be many people who will try and haggle for a lower price. Don’t be insulted by this! Be prepared to haggle back.

As you’re pricing items, keep in mind how low you are willing to go (and how much you need that item gone).

12. Keep It Clean

Organize items into categories and keep tables neat to catch the eyes of curious shoppers.

People are more likely to browse through an attractive display. Plus, they’re more likely to find what they’re looking for if it isn’t lost in a heap on an unorganized table.

13. Provide Refreshment

pink lemonade in pitcher

A good garage sale has a nice and accommodating atmosphere. A glass of lemonade, can of soda, baked good, or even a bag of chips is a refreshing option for customers (especially if the whole neighborhood is having garage sales).

14. Avoid Selling Big Ticket Items

If an item is expensive, such as a brand new TV or high-quality furniture, do not sell it at a garage sale. With those items, it’s better to find a buyer that knows its proper value.

15. Leave Out Sentimental Items

It is a horrible feeling to have sold an item of immense sentimental value with no way of tracking it down. Often, this is simply a case of an item being placed in the garage sale box instead of the moving truck box.

Double-check your inventory and think hard about each item as you’re putting it out. If you have young children, make sure you keep them (and their toys) away from the garage sale to prevent their favorite toy from getting sold.


Moving Ahead to Moving Day

Sure, you can just throw away the stuff you don’t want, but why not get a few dollars back? Having a garage sale is a great way to get rid of excess clutter and make a few bucks in the process.

And once you’re done, don’t forget to update the inventory list with your moving company. If you ended up selling a lot of items, this reduces the amount your moving crew will have to pack and move (potentially saving you money).

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