10 Questions to Ask Moving Companies (Before You Hire Them)

10 Questions to Ask Moving Companies

So you’ve made the decision to hire a moving company! Great!

You might be wondering if all moving companies are the same or if there is anything that sets them apart from one another. We’ll tell you a secret…not all moving companies are the same.

But you don’t want to wait until moving day to find out you’ve hired a dishonest, inexperienced, or fraudulent company. You need a way that you can screen out the bad ones ahead of time. Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

Read on to find out 10 important questions you should ask before hiring a moving company.


#1. Are you licensed/insured/registered?

Of all the questions to ask moving companies, this is the most basic one. In fact, whether a moving company is licensed and insured is what determines whether they’re the real deal or not.

At the very least, every reputable moving company should be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This agency oversees the regulations and safety of commercial motor vehicles. It says that the vehicles on the road are safe to operate and that the company is qualified to operate them.

If a moving company can’t provide proof that they are licensed, registered, or insured, do not hire them! They may be cheaper, but you could find yourself in a big mess if something happens during the move and they have no means to replace your valuables.

Ask prospective moving companies about their insurance coverage.

#2. Do you have basic liability coverage or full-value coverage?

We don’t like the idea of anything happening to our personal belongings, but any move (even without professionals) is a risk. Even if a moving company can provide proof of insurance, ask about the type of coverage they have (including their coverage limits).

If a moving company offers only basic coverage, you’ll be reimbursed at a rate of $.60 per pound. That doesn’t amount to much if something catastrophic happens to your belongings. For example, the average 55-inch tv weighs around 25 lbs. If it accidentally slips out of someone’s hands, you’ll receive (at best) a whopping $15 for your troubles.

Full-value protection, on the other hand, will cover lost or damaged items at their full replacement value. This often comes at a higher cost, but it could be well worth it.


#3. How long have you been in business?

This could seem like an unfair question to ask. After all, every business has to start from somewhere, right?

Yes, but leave that risk to someone else! These are your things and your valuables; you don’t want an inexperienced crew to irreversibly damage grandma’s vintage china. No amount of insurance can replace an heirloom.

The more moves a company has handled, the better the odds they can pull off your move without a hitch. They’ve seen it all and know how to make things right.

Read reviews before you hire a moving company!

#4. Can you provide reviews?

If a company has a good reputation, trust us, there will be testimonials on social media.

Check out their business page, Google, etc. and see what others had to say about their customer service, skill, and work ethic. Yes, there will inevitably be some disgruntled customers, but if the majority are good reviews, you’ve probably found a good company.


#5. Do you background check employees?

Background checks are vital for moving company employees!

Other people’s belongings can be tempting for some people and you don’t want to find out the hard way if a repeat burglar is working for the company you hired.


#6. How are your estimates calculated?

Some moving companies build their entire business on offering rock-bottom estimates to fill their schedule, only to surprise you with a ton of surcharges later. Gas surcharge, late fee, furniture assembly…it all adds up.

Not to mention the fact that it’s just sneaky!

At Cento Moving, our hourly rate does not change and you will never see a surprise surcharge. Your estimate is based on how many hours it will take to move your belongings. The more accurate you are when reporting the amount of things you own (and where you’re moving), the more accurate your estimate will be.

Make sure the moving company employees are covered by workers' compensation.

#7. Are your employees covered by workers’ compensation?

Why would you care? Glad you asked!

Well, if an employee is injured on your property, and they aren’t covered by workers’ compensation, guess who foots that bill? That’s right, you—more specifically, your homeowners insurance.

After a claim like that, it’s entirely possible that your insurance company may raise your rates, or worse, drop you. Don’t take that chance!


#8. What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens. Make sure you’re aware of the company’s cancellation policy (get it in writing!) so that there are no unpleasant surprises if you need to postpone or cancel the move.

Don’t expect that your moving crew will be able to accommodate a last-minute change. Good companies fill their schedules fast, especially during peak moving season.

Few moving companies are as flexible as Cento Moving—your moving deposit is fully refundable if you cancel within 48 hours.

moving and packing supplies

#9. Do you provide packing/unpacking services?

If you’re looking for the easiest and most stress-free way to move, packing services are it!

Make sure that the company you’re interested in has a lot of packing experience, because if they’re packing for you, they have their hands directly on your valuables.

Also make sure you ask if they provide placement services when unpacking. In other words, do they just set your stuff in the most convenient room or will they take the items to their destination room?


#10. Do you provide storage?

In some moves, there may be a need for a day or two (or more!) of storage and you don’t want your stuff held on a truck long-term.

Ask if your movers have a facility for storing your items until it’s time to be delivered. If they do, ask what type of facility they’re stored in and whether it’s air conditioned, air controlled, and well-ventilated.



There’s a lot riding on your upcoming move. Your entire life is in those boxes and you want to make sure that it’s in good hands. As you’re collecting moving company quotes, make sure you’re also getting the answers to the burning questions that really set movers apart from each other.

Be wary of any company that won’t provide you with insurance information or other credentials, and don’t always hire the cheapest quote either. Look for good reviews, quality vehicles, friendly employees, and a company that’s upfront and honest about their business practices.

At Cento Moving, we’ve built a reputation in Central Florida as a moving company that goes above and beyond in whatever way we can. Our fleet of trucks is owned (not rented!) and we train all of our crew members in-house. If needed, we can even handle a long-distance move or store your belongings in our state-of-the-art storage facility.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask! Otherwise, get a free quote today to get started with your move.


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