Calculating the Cost of Your Long-Distance Move

You’ve accepted that job offer, or been accepted by your favorite grad school, so now it’s time to pack up and haul yourself across the country.

Not so fast!

Every move comes with hidden costs, but moving from Florida to another state can come with major sticker shock. Before you start packing, consider calculating the cost of your long-distance move.


The Move Itself

Obviously, you’ll want to calculate the cost of the move itself.

Get plenty of quotes from moving companies in your area and make sure they have experience carrying families across state lines (we do!). But don’t allow yourself to be tempted by price alone. Do plenty of research to determine whether the company will provide a safe, high-quality move.

Of course, there are certain things that moving companies can’t move. And one of those things is you! Factor in the cost of plane tickets or a road trip for your family to get an accurate handle on how much your move will actually cost.


Cost of Living

Think beyond the move as well and research the cost of living in your new city. How much will your current salary have to increase to in order to remain at your current lifestyle?

Use a cost of living calculator to determine the minimum salary you’ll be willing to accept, but also do plenty of research on your own. If your lifestyle will have to be taken down a notch, that’s something you and your family will need to prepare yourselves for.

Also worth considering is the tax rate you’ll have to pay. Florida is one of only 7 states with no state income tax, so moving out of state may bring with it an extra price tag come April.


snow shovelA Different Climate

Don’t forget about all the extra costs of moving from Florida to a cooler climate (because pretty much everywhere is colder than Florida!).

Depending on where you’re moving to, you may have to purchase snow tires, heavy winter clothes, snow shovel/blower, even extra lotion and lip balm (not every place is as humid as Orlando).

Keep your pets in mind as well. Fido will likely need a coat or booties to keep him warm while he does his business, as well as plenty of toys to keep him busy when it’s too cold to run around outside.


A Different House

Regardless of where you’re going, moving always involves one thing: a different house.

Before you move in (while house hunting, ideally), take several minutes to picture yourself living there day-to-day. Living in your dream home may have hidden costs that you never thought to consider when you put the offer in: a bigger yard that needs more landscaping, more square footage to heat and cool, or perhaps a pool to clean and maintain. All of those great features that sold you on the place may end up costing you extra in the long run.

And that’s okay; just make sure you’re aware of the costs so you don’t get sticker shock.


A Change in Lifestyle

Moving houses can sometimes come with a change in lifestyle, whether that’s due to a new job, a new city, or simply a new attitude.

If you’re moving to California to pursue an acting career, make sure you include the costs of things like head shots, agent fees, and SAG membership. If your recent promotion to VP is taking you to a swanky uptown Manhattan neighborhood, you’ll need to factor in the cost of parking your car (or public transportation). Moving to an area with a less-than-desirable school district? Crunch the numbers of a private school tuition.


Cento Moving and Storage may not be able to do anything about the cost of living in your new state, but we can give you a great deal on a quality move to help get you there! Call us today for a free estimate.


  • People don’t think about these hidden costs. New wardrobes that are appropriate for the climate can be really expensive. Thanks for the list!

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