5 Reasons to Read (and Write) Moving Company Reviews

5 Reasons to Read and Write Moving Company Reviews

Choosing a moving company for your upcoming relocation is far from a stress-free endeavor.

You want to find an honest, top-quality mover before you entrust them with all your worldly possessions. Your options are to ask friends and family for recommendations (and hope the company is still in business), look up a random company based on their website or Yellow Pages ad, or read online Orlando moving company reviews to select the top candidates.

Researching various sites and reading reviews might take a bit more time, but it’s your best bet for getting the data you need to make an informed decision about your move. Even if a certain moving company comes with a friend’s stamp of approval, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that dozens of others had the same positive experience?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consult (and write) moving company reviews before you hire anyone.


5. Moving company reviews let you (and others) know what to expect.

This is the primary reason reviews exist: to provide consumers with valuable information. An honest, well-written review doesn’t do anything for the reviewer, but it does help others make an informed choice.

The best online reviews focus on more than whether or not the packed Moving company reviews help you know what to expect in a company.boxes made it to their final address. They cover how professional the crew was, the materials and processes for packing and protecting furniture, and whether there is a surcharge for moving to a third-floor apartment.

Knowing what to expect, you and other potential customers have reasonable expectations regarding the scope of the work so you can compare apples to apples when selecting a moving company.


4. Moving company reviews help honest, local small businesses gain traction.

Big-brand moving companies can typically get hired based on their name alone. Local small businesses, however, need to shout a little louder in order to be heard. If you’re looking for a moving company, you might not consider the cheaper, local business over the well-known name unless there were plenty of positive reviews backing them up.

If you have a great experience with a lesser-known company, do them (and your local economy) a favor by writing a glowing review. Their hard work and dedication will be rewarded with more business.


3. Moving company reviews help prevent damage from careless workers.

Orlando moving company reviews help protect against unnecessary damage.Accidents happen in the moving business, but if multiple reviews across multiple channels mention lost or damaged items, you’ll know the company has a culture of carelessness. There’s no glory in completing a move ahead of schedule if items are damaged in the process.

Orlando moving company reviews will also be able to tell you how well the company responds to damage and missing items. Did they offer great insurance from the beginning? Did they apologize and try to make amends? Or did they rudely brush off the complaint? These are the types of questions you can often answer just by reading reviews.


2. Moving company reviews help you get the best value.

Finding the best value in a moving company means more than simply finding the lowest cost. It also means finding a mover with an excellent sense of customer service and respect for you and your belongings. Hiring a moving company based on cost alone might make you feel as though you’re saving a couple of bucks, but if you’re not happy with how moving day goes, was it really a good value?

While many reviews don’t mention an exact cost (because every move is different), a well-written moving company review might mention whether or not the reviewer feels they got a great deal. If multiple reviewers complain about the cost, you’ll know to steer clear.


1. Moving company reviews prevent scams.

In nearly every industry, there are scammers who don’t mind ripping people off to make a buck, and the moving industry is no different. Choosing a mover based on their own website or their position in the phone book can open yourself up to any number of scams and thieves.

Check a mover’s rating on sites like YelpMy Moving Reviews, or MovingCompanyReviews.com to balance the negative reviews against the positive ones. A dishonest company may have plenty of (fake) positive reviews, but they will have even more negative reviews denouncing them as a scam.

Posting a positive review for an excellent moving company helps bring more business to the people who deserve it and helps drive the bad ones out of business.


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