5 Great Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

Life is all about transitions, and sometimes those transitions include your home.

During times like this, it can be helpful to rent a storage unit for either the long-term or the short-term to help keep your possessions safe and secure. Here are 5 great reasons to rent a storage unit, no matter what situation you find yourself in.


Reason #1: Your Lease Is Up

Nine times out of ten, storage units are a much-needed placeholder (or “stuff holder”) for when the timing isn’t exactly perfect between moving out of your old place and into your new one.

Your lease may have run out before you could move into your new apartment. Or your old house sold before your new home was ready for you. Whatever the reason, when the timing for your move is a little off, you can count on a storage unit to help you out.


Reason #2: You’re Making a (Temporary) Long Distance Move

Whether you’re joining the Armed Forces, signing up with the Peace Corps, or there’s another reason for you to be out of your house for a long period of time, storage units are a great way to keep your things safe while you’re away.

Cross-country and overseas moves make it difficult to bring heavy pieces of furniture and delicate keepsakes along with you, especially if you don’t plan on being away forever. A storage unit is an affordable way to make sure your stuff stays exactly as you left it.


Reason #3: You’re a College Student

College is a time when many people move quite a lot: moving into a dorm, moving out of a dorm, moving into an apartment, moving back home, etc. As you or your kids transition from childhood to adulthood, there are a number of occasions when a storage unit can make these next four years seamless.

You can start out by saving or purchasing affordable, high-quality furniture in the months leading up to the big move and keeping these pieces in storage. Purchasing multiple pieces over time is a much easier way to stay on budget and get exactly what you need…without needing to rush.

Storage units are also handy for storing furniture and belongings when switching dorm rooms or apartments between semesters. Once you’ve graduated, you can rent a storage unit to store your “starter pieces” for your first real apartment.


Reason #4: You’re Downsizing

Moving from a large home into a smaller, more manageable one can be a huge relief. That is, until you realize you need a place to keep all your stuff!

If you need additional time to sell an expensive piece of furniture, or you simply can’t bear to say goodbye to certain items (or you’re holding on to them for someone else), a storage unit can be the perfect overflow spot for the pieces that would cramp your new home.


Reason #5: You’re Renovating a Home or Business

Some renovations cause more dust (and chaos) than others, and whether you’re planning on tearing up the house or not, sometimes the best-laid plans can go belly-up once reality hits. Protect your furniture, artwork, and other belongings from dust and grime by transplanting everything to a storage unit while you redo floors, bust up tile, install drywall, or paint.

And if it’s an emergency that’s threatening your things—storm, water, or mold damage—you can help save your possessions from further damage by keeping them in a storage facility until the damage to your house has been settled.


These are just 5 reasons to rent a storage unit to temporarily house your belongings. Maybe you have a few more reasons that we didn’t think of (go ahead and let us know in the comments section below).

And if you’re in the market for an Orlando moving company or storage facility, look no further than Cento Family Moving & Storage. Our secure, climate-controlled storage units can assist you with any transition that disrupts your home.


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