4 Reasons Orlandoans Should Consider Moving in the Winter

Across the United States, summer is prime moving season. But, while it’s tempting to restrict your move to school holidays, moving during the winter holidays can be even easier…especially if you live in Central Florida! If you’re facing an upcoming move that just can’t wait until after Memorial Day, look no further: we have 4 reasons why Orlando residents should consider moving in the winter.


1. The weather is nicer.

For residents of Chicago and New York, the lack of snow and ice makes summer the more preferable moving season, but not in sunny Florida. Our mild winters make for the perfect moving weather (in many cases, our “winter” means highs of 75!). In fact, Florida summers are not only hotter and more humid, but more likely to send a thunderstorm right in the middle of your move. Prevent soggy cardboard boxes and sweat stains on your couches by moving during the winter instead.


2. The schedule is wide open.

Need to move in a hurry? The slower winter season is the perfect time to relocate! The high demand for moving crews during the summer may mean you’ll have to settle for a less-than-optimal date (or moving company), but you don’t have that problem during the slow season. Moving crews’ calendars rarely fill up over the holidays, so you’ll get your pick of moving day. Whether you have to move by this weekend or simply have a small window of time to complete your move, you shouldn’t have a problem.


3. It can be cheaper.

Save money by moving in the winter

It’s a simple case of supply and demand: when customers disappear, costs drop. Winter is the perfect time to shop around for the best realtor, house, apartment, or moving company and still get a great deal. Many landlords and moving companies offer incentives or discounts for moving during the winter. (The alternative is that those apartments and moving vans just sit empty for weeks.)

4. The housing market is on your side.

The slow season means less business for realtors, mortgage lenders, landlords, and moving companies, so all that free time goes into your move. And since houses and apartments aren’t in high demand, you’ll have time to think about purchasing that perfect bank-owned property before it gets snatched up from under your nose.


We know you don’t always have a choice about when you move, but you always have a choice about what moving company you use. Do your research and make sure you choose a professional company with lots of experience…like Cento Family Moving! Call us today for a free quote!

  • Thanks for bringing to my attention that moving during the winter could be cheaper. My husband and I are going to be moving in the next few months, and we were thinking about waiting until spring. Knowing that costs could be lower during the winter though, maybe we’ll look into scheduling a moving company as soon as possible. We’ll look into scheduling a moving company as soon as possible.

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