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Movine to Boise with a view of the city and mountains

You may be surprised when you find out which state made #4 on United Van Line’s list of top inbound states for 2015. Right there on the list between Vermont and North Carolina (even beating out Florida, which took the #6 spot) is Idaho. Home values in the Gem State are expected to increase by 4.7% this year and Boise was predicted to have the best job outlook last year by Forbes and Manpower. All great reasons to consider moving to Boise! (By the way, that’s “Boy-see” not “Boy-zee.”)


With an unemployment rate of roughly half the national average, the Boise job market is going strong. Finding a job will be especially easy if you’ve got experience mining or farming (Yep. Potatoes.), but a burgeoning tech industry is what’s causing the City of Trees to really make its mark. Micron Technology, Inc. (5,700 jobs) and Hewlett-Packard (2,000 jobs) remain among the top employers in the area, and the talent and atmosphere are attracting other tech companies as well.

Looking to move out west and blaze your own trail? Boise is a startup-friendly city with lots to offer in the way of culture, recreation, and capital. And if you still need an extra helping hand getting your business off the ground, consider a membership to Trailhead; which provides a coworking space and workshops aimed at helping local entrepreneurs to network, collaborate, and learn new skills.


Table Rock
The view from Table Rock


The Bench – The Bench has been around since the late 1800’s, but it’s experienced a recent growth spurt. This trendy, eclectic neighborhood has a lively mix of older homes and newer construction, and it’s conveniently located for quick access into Downtown. Another bonus? Its location on the rim of the Boise Valley can offer some spectacular views.

Downtown – Boise technically has three downtowns (West, Central, and “BoDo”), so there are plenty of options for settling down. Young professionals will have convenient access to work, school, and play—whether you like nightlife or culture.

North End – This highly desirable neighborhood is filled with historic homes (think “1910-1930”) and lots of character. But the quaintness of the area doesn’t translate into the mindset: your neighbors are more likely to be “grown-up hippies” than Stepford Wives.

Prefer to dwell outside the city limits? Check out nearby Eagle and Meridian.



Lifelong Florida residents may be refreshed by Boise’s weather: you’ll actually see four seasons! Summers don’t last as long as ours (just June-Sept.) and skies are mostly clear (with the occasional thunderstorm). Winters are relatively mild (30 degrees) with cloudy skies and light snow. The biggest change, however, is the humidity. Boise is most humid in the winter, with mid-summer being the driest time of year, meaning you’ll be more comfortable even in the middle of July.



The ValleyRide bus system makes getting around Boise easy and affordable. Service even goes as far as the surrounding cities of Meridian, Caldwell, and Eagle, so you can live in the suburbs and still have an easy commute. That being said, driving is still the easiest way to get around. Scenic routes, light traffic, and courteous drivers make driving around Boise a breeze!

For travel into and out of the city, Boise Airport offers non-stop flights to many major cities, including Las Vegas, Chicago, and Denver.


Cost of Living

Boise may have a higher cost of living than Idaho as a whole, but it’s still 4% lower than the national average and 5% lower than Orlando’s. If you earn $49,000 (Boise’s median household income), you’ll only pay a 7.4% state income tax, making Idaho one of the best states to be a taxpayer.



With all the wide-open spaces, cultural attractions, and multicultural atmosphere, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Boise has been voted one of the best places to raise a family. While Boise might be a great city for kids, everyone will find something to love in Treasure City. Outdoor junkies will love the variety of recreation activities: everything from hiking and biking to water sports. (Visit Table Rock for some breathtaking views of the Boise Valley.)

More of a culture buff? Boise’s rather isolated location means there’s been a focus on building culture within city limits. Music, theater, and ballet thrive here, but there’s also a funky side. Freak Alley has been attracting street artists since 2002, with a public spot for graffiti artists to show off their skills.

potato heartDon’t neglect the multicultural side of Boise. Basque Block houses a community dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Basque region. Visit the cultural center, stop by the market, or have a drink in Bar Gernika.

While you’re wetting your whistle, make sure you indulge in the food Idaho is best known for. That’s right, potato culture is big here and everyone has their favorite preparation method. Idaho grows more potatoes than any other state in the U.S., so eat your fill!


Boise, Idaho is a great place to move the family, relocate for a new job, or just head out west and see what the Gem State has to offer. But no matter where you’re moving, don’t pack a single box before calling Cento Family Moving & Storage. Our crew has moved families just like yours to every state in the country (including Idaho!) and we’d love to help your family relocate, too!


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