Moving to Colorado Springs

Moving to Colorado Springs

Dreading the thought of suffering through another Florida summer?

Consider moving to Colorado Springs! 

Central Florida is most people’s idea of paradise: theme parks, mild winters, easy access to sandy beaches…. But some of you may be feeling less-than-inspired by the flat landscape and hot, humid climate (not to mention all the tourists and snowbirds!)

Perhaps you’re ready for a change. What place would be the complete opposite of Florida? It would need to be somewhere with healthy living options, four seasons, famous food, a small-town feel, and—of course—mountains!

If just reading this has you packing your bags, moving to Colorado Springs could be the change you’re looking for.

Let’s delve a little deeper into what makes this Western town so special.



If food is the way to everyone’s heart, Colorado Springs is sure to feel like home.

Not only do they host a plethora of tastings, festivals, and food trucks, but they’ve actually been featured on TV for their amazing offerings. The annual Taste of Pike’s Peak has an amazing lineup of vendors specializing in a variety of tempting cuisines.

In addition to all of those amazing events, Guy Fieri himself recommends this city for its delectable dishes. He spent 10 days ‘tasting his way’ through Colorado Springs. And that’s saying something, because this man loves to eat! Be sure to look through the restaurants he visited to get your mouth watering.


Healthy Living

Colorado Springs tends to be a very healthy town. It’s even said that moving to Colorado Springs will help you lose weight.

One reason? This town loves it’s farmer’s markets! After all, who doesn’t want fresh, locally grown food? Because of the winter snowfall, farmer’s markets are a seasonal offering, typically running from May through October. This might also be the perfect opportunity to take up canning and preserving!

Colorado Springs garden of the gods
The sweeping views at Garden of the Gods.

The city also has ample hiking opportunities due to the plethora of nearby mountain trails and national parks. They even have the U.S. #1 rated park Garden of the Gods. I mean, just take a look at these picturesque views! Exploring these gorgeous peaks will be one of the most enjoyable ways to start a healthier lifestyle.

The final thing that makes Colorado Springs so healthy is one of the things most people tend to take for granted: air! Colorado Springs’ air quality consistently ranks in the top 15 in the United States.

We don’t know about you, but it’s starting to sound like this place might be one of the best places to move to!



For most people, mild winters and warm summers are the best thing about Florida. But if you’ve called Florida home for more than a few years, you’re probably aware of the number one complaint: those hot, humid summers seem to last forever! 

So how does the weather in Colorado Springs measure up? The hottest month is July, with an average high of 84°…that is about the hottest you’ll see. During June and August—when your friends in the Sunshine State are melting in the high 90’s—you’ll be comfortable in the 70’s and 80’s. After suffering through a few Florida summers, these temps look like a dream!  

And if 84° still sounds too hot, remember that Colorado Springs doesn’t have the same humidity problems as Florida does. Humidity is what makes heat feel hot. In Florida, 88° in the summer can feel like 103° once you factor in the humidity. In Colorado Springs, 88° feels like 88°.  

What most people love the most about Colorado Springs is that they have all four seasons! That’s right, you’ll experience spring, summer, fall, and winter the way nature intended. That includes snow! And with an average of 57 inches of snowfall every year, you’ll probably get to have a white Christmas. You can even take up skiing



Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing scenery. Colorado Springs is mountainous and lush, with lots of scenic drives and hikes. And don’t worry about it getting boring. 

Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and rolling prairies, Colorado Springs has something for everyone, even the kids. Colorado Springs hosts a plethora of events that take advantage of the rugged landscape and amazing backdrops, such as the Labor Day Liftoff, an annual hot air balloon festival.

hot air balloon festival in colorado springs

And if you’re worried about missing the beach, don’t fret. Colorado might be a land-locked state, but there are plenty of crystal clear lakes to visit.



If you’re looking for a new home in a scenic spot with excellent weather, moving to Colorado Springs could be the solution you’re hoping for! From restaurants and farmer’s markets to hiking and nightlife, Colorado Springs truly has something for everyone.

And whether you’re moving for business or pleasure, Cento is here to make your cross country transition as easy as possible. Our moving crew has helped hundreds of families just like yours move into their new homes all across the country—including Colorado!

Contact us today or check out our free instant quote form to get started on the road to your new home! 

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