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Things Your Moving Company Won't Move

Things Moving Companies Won’t Move

Hiring a moving company is a great way to remove some of the stress of relocating your belongings, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to do any work. There are certain things moving companies won’t move (called “non-allowables”) which means you will have to move them (or dispose of them) yourself. These laws and guidelines exist to keep your stuff safe during transport, as well as to reduce the…

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The Hidden Costs of Moving (Without a Moving Company)

Hidden Costs of Moving (Without a Moving Company)

Moving is expensive. Whether you’re upgrading to make room for your growing family or downsizing to save money, nobody moves for free. Which is why many people opt to move themselves instead of hiring a professional moving company to do the heavy lifting for them. After all, why pay all that money when you can do it yourself? You’ll only be out $100 for the moving truck, right? Think again.…

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Packing the Essentials: Declutting Your Home

Packing The Essentials: Decluttering Your Home

Moving can be a challenge. Not only do you come to realize how much stuff you own, but the thought of packing it all becomes unnerving. The common culprits of clutter tend to be old clothes, as well as unwanted toys, books, and games. One positive associated with a move is that it forces you to decide on what household items are worth keeping. While this can be a time-consuming…

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20 Packing Tips (For Moving Like a Pro!)

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to an impending move. Should you buy or rent your next place? Should you hire a moving company or bribe your friends? Should you pay the movers to pack up your boxes or do it yourself? Any number of different factors go into making these decisions, and none of them should be made lightly. But now that you’ve made…

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The Benefits of Using Commercial Movers for Your Company Move

The Benefits of Commercial Movers For Your Company Move

Even if you’ve moved house several times in your life, it’s likely that you’re unprepared for a big commercial move. Moving your company into a new office or storefront involves packing and hauling expensive equipment, shutting down work for a day or two, and settling in to a new location and workflow. Organizing all of that is a lot more complicated than moving into a new house or apartment. That’s…

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Pull Off an Office Move (Without Alienating Your Employees)

Pull Off an Office Move (Without Alienating Your Employees)

You’ve made the decision to relocate your business and you’re excited about it. But what if your employees don’t feel the same way? Your employees depend on your business for their livelihood, but it’s also where they spend the majority of their waking hours. Doesn’t it make sense to keep them happy and engaged during the transition to a new business location? In this article, we’ll take a look at…

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Choosing a New Location for Your Business (6 Questions to Ask Yourself)

Choosing a New Location For Your Business (6 Questions to Ask Yourself)

It’s just as true in the corporate world as it is in the residential; when it comes to choosing a new location for your business, it all comes down to three things: location, location, location. You’ve decided that it’s time to move your business to a new location. But how do you know when you’ve found the right home for your company? These 6 questions will help you narrow down…

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21 Tips for Preventing Damage During Your Move

21 Tips For Preventing Damage During Your Move

There’s a reason that most museums aren’t hands-on: the surest way to prevent things from being damaged is to keep them out of harm’s way. But how can you do that if you have to move your items to a new home? Preventing damage during your move might be foremost in your mind, but it doesn’t have to immobilize you. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to keeping your home,…

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5 Signs It Might Be Time to Move Your Business

5 Signs It Might Be Time to Move Your Business

Every business needs a home. Perhaps that home is in a swanky storefront on Park Avenue; it might be in your garage. But, no matter where your company finds itself, sometimes you find that your location doesn’t feel right anymore. But how should you decide whether or not to move your business? If you’ve had even a single thought about relocating your business, take a closer look at the idea.…

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Tampa vs. St Petersburg (Which City is Right For You?)

Tampa vs St. Pete (Which City is Right For You?)

While they are often lumped into one metropolis, Tampa and St. Petersburg are separated by a very large gulf (well, technically it’s a bay). Because it’s one of the largest metropolitan areas in Florida, the Tampa-St. Pete area brings in a lot of new residents. A recent study by ranked the area as the #1 most moved-to city last year, and the 3rd most popular among Millennials. You can’t…

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