The Benefits of Commercial Movers For Your Company Move

The Benefits of Using Commercial Movers for Your Company Move

Even if you’ve moved house several times in your life, it’s likely that you’re unprepared for a big commercial move.

Moving your company into a new office or storefront involves packing and hauling expensive equipment, shutting down work for a day or two, and settling in to a new location and workflow. Organizing all of that is a lot more complicated than moving into a new house or apartment.

That’s where professional commercial movers come in.

The professionals can take a massive project down to a more manageable size so you can get your business back on track as soon as possible.


Benefits of Using Commercial Movers

Office moving presents a unique set of challenges, so it’s worth it to enlist the help of a professional commercial moving company to make the whole job easier.

1. Easier On Your Employees

You know that your employees are really great at what they do (that’s why you hired them). But I’m willing to bet that they’re not great at moving.

If you’re not used to it, moving is rough on your body and your stress levels. When you ask your employees to all pitch in and execute a company move, you’re just asking for grumbling, whining, and an uptick in worker’s comp claims. (Do you really want to deal with the fallout after the complicated process of a company move?)

Commercial movers, on the other hand, know how to move and have the equipment to do so safely. Let them worry about getting the Xerox machine down the stairs (instead of your accounting team).

broken computer monitor on floor

2. Fewer Damages

Your employees likely don’t know how to pack up and move office equipment so that everything makes it in one piece. (Some of them barely know how to operate them every day.) But commercial movers do.

Think about the logistics of getting your indispensable (and expensive) machines out the door, on the truck, and into the new office. Your computers, printers, copy machines, and other heavy equipment is much safer in the hands of a professional moving team than they are in the guys from HR.

3. They’re Insured

“I have a small office and only a few employees. You really want me to hire commercial movers?”

Even if you only have a few things to move and even if your amazing employees are ready and willing to do the heavy lifting, what happens if they accidentally slip on a banana peel and drop a $400 computer monitor?

Expert commercial movers offer two different types of insurance, so you’ll be protected in the event of loss or damage. Of course, for complete protection, it’s always best to purchase a separate moving insurance policy on your own.

man moving boxes on hand truck

4. They’re Faster

Let’s face it: moving interrupts your company business, and if you’re not doing business, you’re not making money.

Get your move done quicker by hiring commercial movers to do the heavy lifting. They do this day-in and day-out, so carrying that L-shaped desk into the elevator is just another day’s work for them.

Because when you’re talking about your livelihood, you can’t afford any downtime.

5. More Organized

As good as you are at being the boss at your business, you probably don’t know much about moving (or else you would be in the moving business). Having a single “boss” in charge of your company move makes the whole event go more smoothly.

Moving companies have experience moving entire houses (and businesses) from one place to another; they have a process already in place.


Office Relocation Tips

Once you’ve made the decision to move your business and started scouting out locations, that’s when things get exciting! But don’t let yourself get carried away.

It’s important to approach your move fully prepared, so you can take a step back when you’re in the new office and think, “Wow, that wasn’t so bad!”

These office moving tips will help your business relocation go easily from start to finish.

Follow a Checklist

Business woman packing with a checklist

Moving your company into a new office is a lot more complicated than it might initially seem. Make sure you don’t forget any important steps by following a checklist for moving a business.

As you’re in the planning stage, write down all those minor tasks that you think may fall through the cracks later on, everything from gathering quotes from three different office movers to ordering business cards with the new address. Getting everything done is as easy as checking items off one at a time.


If you have a lot of employees, coordinating them all through one move can be a herculean task.

You can simplify matters somewhat by appointing a moving liaison or committee to be in charge of employee communication, identifying solutions to potential problems in the new space, and any other moving-related issues that may pop up.

Having everything fall on you is a recipe for disaster.

Enlist Your Employees

man holding box of office equipment

Even if you’re hiring office movers, it’s a good idea to have your employees pack up their own personal items. Many employees might feel better knowing that their potted plants, picture frames, and pen collections are safe, sound, and in their control.

Update Address

A new business location is a fresh start for you, and several other things will need upgrading now, too. Order new company letterhead, business cards, and anything else listing your info to make sure it has the new address on it.

You’ll also want to update your digital presence as well. Update your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) info on Google and any online directories that list your business name. You want to make sure that customers and other visitors aren’t confused.

Finally, make a social media post letting all your fans know where they can find you.

Clean Up

Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, you probably have furniture now that won’t be welcome in the new place.

Use the move as an excuse to get rid of old furniture and equipment that’s broken, outdated, or just isn’t your style. Setting up your new office for the best possible workflow will improve productivity and morale.

While you’re at it, this might also be the perfect time to start going paperless. Scan and shred old documents, sell the filing cabinets, and enjoy the extra space.



Moving your business into a new location doesn’t have to fall completely on your shoulders. By hiring a moving company offering commercial moving services, you can take the (literal) burden of moving off your shoulders and let the experts handle it.

Your employees, equipment, and business will be much happier.

And of course, if you’re in the market for a commercial moving company, check out our office moving checklist and call Cento Family Moving & Storage for a free quote. We’d love to have a hand in helping your business grow!


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