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Moving to a new city can be difficult. However, when you’re moving to the third largest city in Minnesota, Rochester, you have more than one reason to celebrate. Home to around 112,225 happy residents, Rochester has a number of accolades. It has been repeatedly mentioned as one of the most ideal places to live in The United States. It’s been given several awards for being the happiest, safest and one of the most peaceful places. According to Yahoo, it’s ranked 14th among the US’s safest places. It also ranked as the number one place to live by So if you’re looking for a peaceful, serene, and safe life, then moving to Rochester is for you.

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Rochester is only an hour away from the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. These two places give you access to endless first class amenities and entertainment such as fine dining, sporting and musical events, museums rich with culture and all sorts of other activities. Life in Rochester can have it all.



The Mayo Clinic, one of the United States’ best hospitals, is located in the heart of the city. Not only does this clinic have a strong healthcare presence, but it’s also a solid economic driver in the city. Home to a combined total of home to a total of 34,000 staff and students, The Mayo clinic is one of the city’s biggest employers. It’s also planning to build a Destination Medical Center, which could open as many as 40,000 new jobs for people in the city and its surrounding areas. Aside from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester’s top employers include IBM and the Rochester School District. The current unemployment rate for Rochester is a meager 3.8% and the growth in jobs is expected to rise to an impressive 36.10%. This is because Rochester is undoubtedly a thriving and booming city attracting more and more young, job seeking professionals each day. The median household income is estimated to be around $63,490.



The overall crime rate in Rochester is pretty low. This makes it is a good place to live in order to raise a family. The Elton Hills neighborhood is especially beautiful. Its quiet, clean and friendly homes sit just on the other side of a beautiful park, Indian Heights. Going for a walk in this area is serene and beautiful. If you are willing to pay slightly more, the Bryon Neighborhood is also a good place to look into as it has many elegant houses and apartments.



Rochester’s continental climate allows you to experience all four seasons. The summers are warm and the winters are a nice (snowy) break from the heat. Moving to Rochester could be just what you need if you are looking for a quite, upcoming, serene place to live. So, what are you waiting for?

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