Moving Furniture

Moving Furniture

No doubt, the hardest things to pack when preparing for a move are your large, bulky pieces of furniture.

If it wasn’t for tables and sofas, moving companies likely wouldn’t exist. For the most part, moving furniture requires a simple quilt pad or roll of shrink wrap before everything goes on the truck (no use stuffing your loveseat in a cardboard box!), but other items require a little more finesse.


The corners of dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, and the like should be padded with foam rubber or cardboard before they are loaded on the truck. Sharp corners and edges can cause damage in a moving truck if anything shifts during transit. Table leaves may be wrapped in paper, then taped up, but the tape should never touch the surface of the wood, as it can cause damage. Likewise, keep the plastic wrap in the drawer for wooden tables. They can trap moisture and cause damage. Even a little bit of moisture left for a short amount of time can cause damage to wood and wood veneer.

 Upholstered Furniture

Large, upholstered items—such as couches, loveseats, and ottomans—may be shrink-wrapped by the moving company to prevent damage. If your furniture has removable cushions, you can pack them in a separate carton for further protection. The legs of chairs should be wrapped to prevent chipping and scratching, and recliners should be wrapped securely so that the reclining mechanism is not tripped during transport.


Mattresses and box springs can be transported in specialized cartons to protect them from tearing or staining, but at the very least, they should be shrink wrapped. Bed frames should be disassembled and the parts bundled together, with small pieces in a zip-top bag taped to the frame.


Grand and baby grand pianos should be prepared for moving by a qualified technician (contact your piano tuner for assistance), but upright pianos do not need any advance service. All pianos should be pad-wrapped to protect the surface of the wood and should be handled with extreme care, to avoid damage to the internal strings and hammers. You should always plan on having your piano tuned once you arrive at your new location, as minor movements can cause the parts to shift out of tune.

Pool Table

Because pool requires a table with a perfectly level surface, you should have a professional (not your moving crew) disassemble, crate, move, and set up your pool table. Contact the store where you purchased it for assistance.


The pros at Cento Family Moving & Storage have years of experience moving furniture; make sure the moving company you hire has the same level of competency to handle your items. Having to replace a table or couch is an unexpected (and unwelcome) expense, so it is important that you can trust the company organizing your move. If you are planning a move in the Central Florida area, don’t hesitate to contact Cento Family Moving & Storage for a free quote.


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