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How to Pack Your Items for Storage

Whatever your reasons for using a storage unit, you will need to make sure to pack your items carefully so that they will be in good condition when it’s time to unpack them. The following tips will show you how to pack your items for storage while preventing damage and protecting your investment. Packing a storage unit is very similar to packing for a move, except you will have to…

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7 Biggest Moving Mistakes

Most people probably don’t put a whole lot of thought into moving, aside from “which home/apartment should I choose?” “how am I going to pack up everything in time?” and “how much pizza should I bribe my friends with?” But think for a minute about your last couple of moves. How smoothly did they go? Were there any ways you could have made them easier? Were there any unexpected problems…

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5 Tips for Moving With Kids

Kids may not have to go to work, pay bills, or deal with a morning commute, but they have many of the same anxieties as adults…and one of them is moving. Children like structure, routine, and familiarity, all of which are disrupted the minute they are given the “we’re moving” talk. Your kids may have reacted with either excitement or outright tears when you informed them of the changes to…

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How to Pack and Store Holiday Decorations

The holidays have come again, which means ’tis the season to be…dragging boxes out of the attic and struggling with those burned-out Christmas lights again. The stresses of December can easily turn the jolliest elf into a Grinch, so we’ve come up with the best tips for how to pack and store holiday decorations to prevent damage (and cursing).

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Packing a Garage

When you’re planning a move, packing the garage is probably the most dreaded of all tasks. Dust, cobwebs, sharp objects, bulky equipment, and the constant fear of spiders are enough to put even a Buddhist monk on-edge. But there are ways of making this chore a little easier. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips for getting your garage, patio, and storage shed packed up and on the truck…

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Packing Bedrooms

When you think about it, bedrooms contain our most-used possessions—clothes, jewelry, kids’ toys—and they’re where we spend about third of our lives (or more, if you’re a surly teenager). Packing bedrooms carefully is an important step toward protecting your clothes and bedding from damage. Following these tips from Cento Family Moving & Storage will ensure the safe transport of your most treasured things.   Clothes Clothes going into suitcases or…

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Packing Your Home Office

Whether you work from home or not, the home office is where some of the most sensitive information and items are kept, so preparing for a move will likely involve some strategic planning. Computer equipment and bank statements alike must be moved safely and securely, or it could cost you. Following these simple tips from Cento Family Moving & Storage when packing your home office will help keep you in…

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Packing the Bathroom

At first glance, packing the bathroom might seem like the easiest job to tackle when planning your move. After all, there’s no furniture to take with you and towels are super light. But then you open your medicine cabinet and see just how many little things you own: old medications, leaky shampoo bottles, little canisters of floss and Q-tips…. Well, with a little bit of know-how (and the right materials)…

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Moving Appliances

Whether it’s your washer/dryer, your heavy-duty gas range, or just the microwave, moving appliances calls for some very specific steps to ensure that all the machinery is in perfect working order at your new house or apartment. Before you unplug anything, make sure you have taken all necessary precautions for moving appliances—big or small.   Washer/Dryer As with all appliances, make sure your washing machine is clean and dry, otherwise…

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Packing the Kitchen & Dining Room

Arguably the most-used room in the house, the kitchen/dining room can be difficult to pack up. Because you use your dishes and cups every day, it’s just as important not to break anything as it is to eat off of paper plates for a few days while everything is in boxes. Cento Family Moving & Storage values your flatware and fine china as much as you do, so we’ve put…

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