Shipping Your Car

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Many times, regardless of your reason for moving, you may need to relocate your vehicle. Driving your car across the country can be dangerous (not to mention a waste of fuel and time). Instead, consider hiring a moving company to transport your vehicle. Shipping your car is easier than you think, but there are a few major factors to consider when calculating the cost of moving your vehicle.

Distance & Location

As you would probably assume, the distance that your car needs to travel greatly affects the cost of the overall move. More miles means more dollars, requiring more service overall. Sometimes, however, the distance isn’t as important as the actual location. Shipping your car to a rural town (no matter how far away it is) can come at a high price due to the location’s proximity to major highways. A vehicle that must be transported from one major city to another will be less expensive than a move from a major city to a small town with no highway access. When you are thinking about moving your vehicles, consider the distance your car needs to travel as well as your destination and its proximity to a major highway.

The Type of Vehicle

Smaller vehicles cost less to ship. Simple as that. Larger and heavier vehicles require more resources and fuel. Compact vehicles, like a Toyota Corolla or Nissan Leaf, will cost less than a full-size sedan, such as a Chrysler 300. Those vehicles will also cost less than your typical SUV, such as a Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, keep in mind that heavier vehicles also tend to have lower gas mileages, so driving the vehicle will also come at a cost. Do your research and get some quotes from various companies before deciding which option is right for you.

Modifications to the Vehicle

If your vehicle has been altered beyond factory standards, it may cost more to move. Oversized tires, lift kits, and other modifications may affect the methods necessary to transport the vehicle. Of course, both the size and weight of the vehicle matter greatly in moving vehicles across the country, and if the modifications make the car larger and heavier, it will most likely cost more to transport the vehicle.

The Condition of the Vehicle

Whether or not the car is in running order is important when calculating the cost of shipping a car. A car that is not running requires more labor to load and unload, while a car that is working perfectly can easily be loaded and unloaded. In most cases, for a vehicle that is not in running condition, a forklift or other major machinery will be required, which enhances the cost of the move.


Shipping your car is an important consideration for long-distance moves. We hope to have given you some idea of the costs involved and that you now have a better understanding of how to calculate the potential cost of relocating your vehicle. Check our blog regularly for other tips like these, and call Cento Family Moving & Storage for a free quote on your next move.



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