Packing a Garage

Packing a Garage

When you’re planning a move, packing the garage is probably the most dreaded of all tasks.

Dust, cobwebs, sharp objects, bulky equipment, and the constant fear of spiders are enough to put even a Buddhist monk on-edge. But there are ways of making this chore a little easier.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips for getting your garage, patio, and storage shed packed up and on the truck as easily as possible. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be on the road in no time! (Just watch out for spiders.)


Start by sorting all tools by size. Small tools should be cushioned with paper (or old towels, for sharper items) and packed in a small box or toolbox. Mops, brooms, rakes, pruning shears, and other long-handled items don’t require a box, but should be bundled together and wrapped with a pad to keep sharp tines and edges from damaging other items (or people).

You can also pack tools in sealing/rolling trashcans (if you have your own), but it might be easier just to purchase new ones at the end of your move.


Outdoor Equipment

Remove the cushions from any patio furniture and place in a box so they don’t get ripped or stained during transport. Clean the frames, too (your moving company will have the necessary materials for padding the corners).

Larger outdoor equipment—such as storage sheds, swing sets, and TV antennas—should be dismantled before your moving crew arrives. Just be sure to hang on to all the hardware so you can put it back together at your new place. Place the screws and other small pieces in a labeled zip-top bag and either tape the bag to the item it belongs with or place multiple bags in a plastic container.


Gas-Powered Equipment

Lawnmowers, mopeds, leaf blowers, and other appliances should be safely emptied of gasoline before transit. Remove the propane tanks or charcoal from your grill as well, for safety reasons (they won’t even be allowed on the moving van).

When it comes to your gas-powered vehicles, you can choose to pack them on the truck with the rest of your belongings or use a separate automotive transport company to do it for you.


Decorative Items

Planters and other decorative items should be packed and handled with the same amount of care you would give your china: cushion and wrap breakable pots carefully.

You can wrap up umbrellas in paper or plastic and put them on the truck, but don’t pack away any weighted umbrella stands. The extra weight is not a fun surprise for whoever lifts that box!


Large Items

Last, but not least, consult with your Orlando moving company and use all necessary precaution when transporting very large items, such as trampolines, above-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, storage sheds, or jungle gyms. Some of these items involve tedious dismantling and cost you more to move than they’re worth.

Consider selling them before the move to avoid the hassle of taking them with you (and gain more money for repairs or decorating at your new place).


With a few easy tips, packing a garage doesn’t have to be problematic. In fact, you can take advantage of your organized and sorted outdoor equipment and install some great new shelving in your new garage. (Some quick DIY tricks for garage storage can make your life easier in the long run.)


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