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Moving to Orlando

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Orlando is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations but, every year, thousands and families decide to make The City Beautiful their permanent home.

If you’ve recently decided to move to Orlando, you’re in luck! Orlando combines much of the best that Florida has to offer…all in one convenient place. So whether you love music, sunbathing, Mickey Mouse, or dancing the night away, you’ll be right at home in O-Town.



With more than one million residents, you might doubt your chances when it comes to finding a job in Orlando. But don’t worry! Between the hospitality industry, a variety of academic institutions, and a thriving tech scene, Orlando’s job market is thriving.

In fact, Wallet Hub rated Orlando as #13 on its list of Best Places to Find a Job. Plus, Orlando’s cost of living is 5% below the national average and the average housing price is well below $200,000.

With these kind of opportunities, you’ll wonder why you didn’t move to Orlando long before.



Let’s face it: Orlando is America’s playground.

There’s the behemoth that is Disney, Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure (featuring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), Sea World, I-Drive, and the Coca-Cola Eye…and that’s just the tourist traps!

Locals know there are plenty of other places to hang out and have fun during their spare time. Downtown clubs, art and science museums, independent theaters (for films and plays), live sporting and music events (Go Orlando City Lions!), fantastic restaurants, and beautiful parks. And when you need to soak up some sun, the beach is only 45 minutes away. (Just far enough to put you out of a direct hurricane hit.)



Since you are considering moving to Orlando area, it’s important to know how to get around the city.

The main method of transportation is a bustling roadway system, highlighted by the main thoroughfare, I-4. I-4 bisects the state from Tampa to Daytona Beach, and runs right through the middle of downtown Orlando. If you want to avoid I-4 traffic—most residents do—there are plenty of toll roads that provide a quick route to anywhere you want to go. Most residents have an E-PASS device so they don’t have to stop and fish around their car for quarters.

If you’re hoping to get around with a car, the Lynx bus service can get you to most areas of the city, from Disney to Downtown, Altamonte Springs to Clermont. Florida’s high water table makes subway systems impossible but the SunRail commuter train runs from Deltona to Orlando throughout the day.

Orlando has more than 100 neighborhoods, but there are also plenty of surrounding cities that often get lumped into the Orlando metro area. From Sanford in the north to Clermont in the west and everywhere in between, finding your next hometown will be a walk in the park.



After you’ve lived in Orlando for long enough, you’ll notice that just about everybody was born someplace else. This helps create a level of diversity that you don’t find in most cities.

Yes, there are plenty of Caribbean and Brazilian natives who now call Orlando home, but you’ll also meet plenty of people from throughout the country and the world. And having New Yorkers, Californians, Midwest transplants, and British expats all in one place really does remind you that “it’s a small world after all.”

Here in Orlando, you can take advantage of this multi-cultural scene in the best ways. Visit some Polish and Puerto Rican eateries, go shopping at a Vietnamese market, or take a flamenco class.


From work to play and everywhere in between, Orlando is at the top of everyone’s list. When it comes time to choose your moving company, make sure you go with another top pick: Cento Family Moving. Our moving crew has helped families just like yours move to nearly every state in the country and we can help you relocate to Orlando, Florida, or anywhere else.