The Packout Company You (And Your Clients) Can Trust!

Cento Family Moving & Storage is more than just a moving company.

We also offer emergency packouts for fire damage, water damage, mold remediation, and other damage restoration projects.

We understand that you’re busy with getting your customers’ homes back in shape so they can move back in and get back to their daily lives.

Why spend your time doing the tedious packout when you can outsource the entire process?

That’s where Cento Moving comes in.

Cento Moving is the packout company you can trust!

Moving is in our DNA.

Our experienced, professional staff has been expertly trained and equipped to tackle any emergency packout. From wrapping and moving furniture to creating detailed inventory lists, we’ll take care of the “heavy lifting” so you can focus on what you do best.

Packing out a home for a mold removal or fire loss is slightly different from a typical home relocation, but we put in the same amount of care so that you and your customers are thrilled with our level of service.


Orlando Packout Services

Orlando’s mild winters and theme parks are just some of the great reasons people want to move here, but there are downsides to living in paradise. Hurricanes, rainstorms, and excessive humidity are common culprits behind the types of damage that restoration companies thrive on.

And when disaster strikes, Floridians rely on remediation services to get their property back to normal.

Our team is fully trained and experienced in the proper methods of wrapping, padding, and moving items to keep them in perfect condition. We also have our own storage facilities to keep furniture and other households goods safe while the restoration is being done.

Itemized inventory content pack out

When you call Cento Family Moving for your restoration project, one of our representatives will arrive quickly at the site and provide you a fixed-cost estimate in under 24 hours.

Water damage provides its own set of surprises. We won’t give you any more.

Whether you need a company to store furniture while you complete your remediation or you just need someone to safely and securely organize and move contents to your own warehouse, Cento Moving & Storage is a packout company that you and your clients can trust.


On Track with a Detailed Itemized Inventory List

We also provide a detailed, itemized inventory list for each job.

Keeping track of your customers’ personal property is essential when performing any restoration service. Without proper inventory, you could be held responsible for pre-existing damage.

That’s why Cento Moving provides detailed, itemized inventory lists for every job that we do.

We not only note the type and number of each item, but its condition. Every dent, scratch, crack, rip, or rumple is noted down in writing at the time of the packout before it is carefully wrapped and moved to our (or your) secure storage facility.

Our professional packout methods ensure a complete chain of custody for your peace of mind. When you choose Cento Moving as your packout company, you can rest assured that the job will be done to your exacting standards.

Water Restoration Content Pack Out

Safe & Secure

Packing and removing your clients’ personal property is only half of the picture.

A successful emergency packout also depends on storing their property safely and securely until it’s ready to be returned to them.

Most damage restoration companies don’t have the storage facilities to do this, but Cento Family Moving does!

Our 20-ft-high insulated ceilings are equipped with an industrial exhaust system to maintain temperature and humidity levels. This “climate controlled” system ensures that temperatures stay below 80° and humidity remains at 60%.

When their property is safe, your clients feel safe. And when your clients feel safe, you come out looking like a winner.


A Company You Can Trust

Cento Family Moving & Storage is the mover of choice for hundreds of families across Central Florida and the United States. Our friendly and experienced staff of moving professionals have relocated families to nearly every state in the country and we are well-equipped to complete a top-notch packout for any restoration project.

Don’t waste any more time moving furniture that should be spent on restoration and remediation services. Let the pros at Cento Family Moving take care of the heavy lifting instead.