Tips For Moving In With a Roommate

Tips For Moving In With a Roommate - two women hanging curtains in their new apartment

It can be complicated to merge two lives into one space.

Here are some tips to make moving in with a roommate a little easier.


With rent prices increasing, having a roommate is an appealing prospect to some. It can undoubtedly help your bank account in the long run, but there’s work to be done in the beginning to make the transition a smooth one.

Moving is a complicated process regardless of where you’re going, how old you are, or how many times you’ve done this before. When you throw another potential roommate into the mix, the stress levels naturally increase.

Living with roommates can be stressful if you don’t know them well. However, even moving into an apartment with your best friend can be challenging.

The first step to avoiding stress when moving in with a roommate is to hire a moving company that will do all the heavy lifting for you. After that, these helpful tips will help you avoid surprises and minimize tension as you start your new living situation.


Make a List of Your Belongings

Hopefully, you’ve already discussed what it will be like to live together before signing the lease. Set an expectation on how everyone will treat common areas and shared spaces and set some Golden Rules.

Will everyone agree to clean up after themselves and not leave dirty dishes in the sink? Who makes sure there’s enough toilet paper in the house? Are there any agreed-upon quiet hours to ensure everyone can get work done or the rest they need?

But what about the moving process itself?

The best way you and your roommate can help each other right from the start is to make a list of all your large possessions—like furniture, décor, and appliances—and find the redundancies and what’s missing.

If you’ve both been living alone, you’ll probably have an extra vacuum or even a TV in the mix. On the other hand, if you’re switching an old roommate for a new one or leaving home for the first time, you might have a lot of items to check off your list.

Before moving day comes around, make sure you’re taking with you everything you need and not much else. Your movers are there to help, so don’t save big furniture shopping for after they’ve already left if you can help it.

Likewise, you don’t want your movers to take your old couch into the new place if you’re just going to give it away.


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Move In Slowly

Just because your new lease begins on a specific day doesn’t mean you have to do all the heavy lifting at once. Especially if you and your roommate are coming from different areas, you’ll have different movers, and they’ll work more efficiently if they’re not getting in each other’s way.

If you can, plan your move over a few days. If you can take a few boxes over yourself before moving day, clean things up, and plan out where you want your movers to place your larger objects, that will make the job that much easier and quicker (less time means less money).

Similarly, don’t try to unpack your boxes while the movers are doing their thing—plan to do that over the next few days, so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Communicate and Be Respectful

Even if you’ve known each other for years or have outlined and agreed to a roommate’s agreement, you’re going to hit bumps along the road.

When these bumps pop up, it’s important to communicate honestly and be respectful of your roommate’s feelings and your own. Open and honest communication is key to any roommate relationship and should always be practiced. And setting boundaries at the very beginning will start you on the right path.

So naturally, the best time to practice this is during your move.

If you’re more flexible but your roommate’s time is less so, let them choose what day they’ll move their things in. Whatever way you can minimize stress, the better.

Likewise, when you’re unpacking and decorating together in the common spaces if you find their choice of décor unnerving, speak up for yourself without being insulting.

We’re all spending more and more time at home these days, so being comfortable is of the utmost importance.


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