Moving to Georgia

Georgia On Your Mind?

We can’t blame you. Georgia is a beautiful state.

It’s also one of the top ten most populous states in America, which means it has plenty of opportunities that are ripe for the picking.

Georgia is home to some of our country’s most unique cities. Savannah is dripping with historic Southern charm, and Atlanta is a bustling hub of art and industry. And for those who crave the beauty and simplicity of nature, the Georgia mountains can’t be beat.

Carter's Lake, Georgia
Waterfall on the Warwoman Dell Trail in Georgia

Welcome Home

For most families, moving is the pits. But when you trust your relocation with Cento Moving, you’ll find it’s perfectly peachy.

Whether you’re moving to Valdosta, Atlanta, or anywhere in-between, we’ll ensure a headache-free move so you can put down roots as seamlessly as possible.

Make Your Move... To Georgia!

Let's Go!

When it comes to long-distance moves, nobody does it better than Cento Moving.

For starters, we are a true full-service moving company. From getting your quote to enjoying your new home, we make sure that every detail of your move is handled with care.

It all starts with our quote process. With a visual inventory program and online customer portal, getting a moving quote has never been easier. And it only gets better from there.

Leading up to moving day, it’s difficult to make time for packing when the rest of your life is going full-speed. That’s where we can step in and save the day (and your sanity) with an expert team of packers. (No reused boxes here!)

And when the big day finally arrives, you can travel up to Athens, Columbus, or Augusta without a care in the world. Why?

Some long-distance moving companies transfer your stuff to a warehouse, shipping container, or other third-party. But not Cento Moving! In fact, your stuff will only be touched twice—once to get it on the truck and once to bring it into your new home—and we start driving to your destination in the same day.

Safer items, a faster move, and an easier experience for all.


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