How to Save Time and Money on Your Move

When you’re planning a move, it’s easy to lose track of all the hidden costs of moving: hiring a moving company, buying the materials, making repairs, transportation, and more.

Don’t believe us? Just jot down a quick estimate of how much you plan on spending on your total move and see how quickly things add up. But it’s important to stay realistic and take your budget seriously.

That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of tips on how to save time and money on your move. Save those dollars for decorating your new place.


You Can’t Take It (All) With You

The easiest way to save money on moving expenses is to have less stuff to move. So get rid of stuff before you move. While packing, set aside any items that are outdated, broken, or no longer wanted and drop them off at Goodwill or call a charity such as Vietnam Vets to pick everything up. You get it out of the house and they take it…for free!

For certain items that just “fit” with your house (like basketball goals, hot tubs, fireplace screens and grates, and lighting fixtures), leave them for the new owners. If you’d like to recoup a little bit of your expenses, consider a garage sale. You won’t make enough to pay for the move, but you’ll get a bunch of stuff off your hands and at least have something to show for it.


Help Out the Moving Crew

The less work your moving crew has to do, the better…and cheaper, and quicker. Most moving companies offer packing services in addition to item relocation, but you can save big bucks by packing all the boxes yourself (just make sure you take the proper steps to protect your stuff from damage).

If you have large furniture pieces—like bed frames and tables—measure them ahead of time to see if they will fit through your doors. If not, take them apart before moving day (sleep on an air mattress or on sleeping bags), so they will be ready for easy hauling. Your move will go faster and your moving crew will be happier!

You can also save time by stacking the packed boxes in the garage or outside your apartment building for your crew to load up. Make sure they are all labeled by content and protected against accidental loss from weather, other cars, or theft. Saving time = saving money.


It Is Easy Being Green

Sometimes, the eco-friendly option is the cheapest! Put baskets, suitcases, and decorative storage bins to good use by using them to pack your things. If it’s sturdier than a cardboard box, odds are good that it will be a great help during your move. You can also replace unprinted newsprint with towels and clothing to pad breakable items (just make sure all items are clean).

Check sites like Craigslist for once-used moving supplies. Look for tape, dollies, and straps, but stay away from used cardboard boxes, which can be too flimsy to hold your things. Then, do the same after you move and recoup some of your investment.


Good Timing

You can save time by picking the right time…to move, that is. Choosing off-peak seasons and days for your move can ensure that you get a better deal as well as get the move completed faster. Summer is prime moving season, so plan to move over the fall or winter. Because you won’t be “competing” with other customers, your moving company will have more availability, which means fewer delays, lower cost, and less stress.

If you can take a day or two off of work for your move, ask if your movers have a discounted rate for weekday moves. Weekends book up quickly, too, so moving during the week can sometimes mean a sooner move. If you’re flexible, ask if the mover offers a discount for a day of their choosing. Sometimes, movers need to fill a specific day and will offer a discount if you’re available that day.


Moving doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or stressful. Simply following a few easy tips can mean big savings for your moving budget. Call Cento Family Moving today to see how we can help you save on your upcoming move.



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