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Packing Bedrooms

When you think about it, bedrooms contain our most-used possessions—clothes, jewelry, kids’ toys—and they’re where we spend about third of our lives (or more, if you’re a surly teenager). Packing bedrooms carefully is an important step toward protecting your clothes and bedding from damage. Following these tips from Cento Family Moving & Storage will ensure the safe transport of your most treasured things.   Clothes Clothes going into suitcases or…

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Packing the Bathroom

At first glance, packing the bathroom might seem like the easiest job to tackle when planning your move. After all, there’s no furniture to take with you and towels are super light. But then you open your medicine cabinet and see just how many little things you own: old medications, leaky shampoo bottles, little canisters of floss and Q-tips…. Well, with a little bit of know-how (and the right materials)…

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Packing the Living Room

Today, Cento Family Moving & Storage is tackling the center of your home and giving you tips for packing the living room. Your TV setup and decor options can make for some specific packing challenges, but knowing the ins and outs of the business has put us in a unique position of being able to advise you on the best practices for packing up your family room.   Television If…

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Packing the Kitchen & Dining Room

Arguably the most-used room in the house, the kitchen/dining room can be difficult to pack up. Because you use your dishes and cups every day, it’s just as important not to break anything as it is to eat off of paper plates for a few days while everything is in boxes. Cento Family Moving & Storage values your flatware and fine china as much as you do, so we’ve put…

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Professional Packing Services

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Professional Packing Services

Thinking of moving? Hiring professional movers and packers can make your relocation a lot easier. Here are the top five reasons to hire professional packing services for your next move. Think of all of the areas you use professionals in your daily life: dentists, doctors, repairmen, plumbers…. Why do you call them instead of doing the work yourself? It’s simple, isn’t it? Because they’re experts in their chosen trade. They’ve…

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Packing the Essentials: Declutting Your Home

Packing The Essentials: Decluttering Your Home

Moving can be a challenge. Not only do you come to realize how much stuff you own, but the thought of packing it all becomes unnerving. The common culprits of clutter tend to be old clothes, as well as unwanted toys, books, and games. One positive associated with a move is that it forces you to decide on what household items are worth keeping. While this can be a time-consuming…

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20 Packing Tips (For Moving Like a Pro!)

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to an impending move. Should you buy or rent your next place? Should you hire a moving company or bribe your friends? Should you pay the movers to pack up your boxes or do it yourself? Any number of different factors go into making these decisions, and none of them should be made lightly. But now that you’ve made…

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Packing a Garage

When you’re planning a move, packing the garage is probably the most dreaded of all tasks. Dust, cobwebs, sharp objects, bulky equipment, and the constant fear of spiders are enough to put even a Buddhist monk on-edge. But there are ways of making this chore a little easier. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips for getting your garage, patio, and storage shed packed up and on the truck…

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Packing Your Home Decor

Before you get the big stuff out of the way, start packing your home decor: all those accessories that make your home so…well, homey. This is often the most breakable stuff, so take the few extra steps required to protect them from damage. (There’ll be plenty of stress later when deciding where to put Aunt Clara’s painting in the new house.)   Books First, wrap any delicate, expensive, or fragile…

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Orlando Office Movers

We get the job done. An office relocation just isn’t the same as moving into a new home. The contents of your boxes are more valuable and getting back on track as quickly as possible is priority number one. Things that you let slide during a personal move are vital during a commercial move. That’s where Cento Family Moving & Storage can step in and get the job done. Don’t…

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