10 Signs It’s Time to Move

10 Signs It's Time to Move

Do you feel cramped, stifled, or just bored?

It could be time to move.


We all get antsy in our homes from time to time. Sometimes it’s just that we need a break or a vacation. Other times it just means we need to rearrange the furniture—ya know, change it up a bit!

How do you know when it means more? In other words, how do you know it’s time to move?

There are some clear indicators that your restlessness signals more than just a need for a new rug. Read on to find out the top red flags that it’s time to move.


1. You Can’t Afford It Anymore

If you can no longer afford where you live, whether it be your individual rent/mortgage or the price increases in your city, it might be time to move.

Unfortunately, goods and services increase at a higher rate than wages paid, so sometimes we find ourselves in this difficult situation. How do you know? If you’re paying all your bills but struggling to eat or can’t do anything fun, then it might be time to move to a cheaper place.


Too little (or too much) room? It might be time to move.

2. You Need More (or Less) Space

That two-bedroom apartment you moved into after your wedding worked fine when it was just the two of you, but now you’re pregnant (with twins!). If those walls are starting to feel like they’re closing in on you, it’s probably time to move somewhere with a bit more room to grow.

Alternatively, you might find yourself with way too many rooms and no one to fill them. Once the kids have all moved out, cleaning all that square footage can be too much of a chore. In this case, it might be time to downsize into something a bit more manageable.


3. You Can’t Find Work

If you find yourself out of work and cannot find a job that fits your skills and interests, it could be time to move to another area. Job markets vary from city to city, so just because your Psychology degree isn’t in high demand where you are doesn’t mean it’s not useful anywhere. Take some time to research where the jobs are. You might be surprised.

Our top tip? Don’t dismiss those smaller, obscure cities just because you don’t know much about them. For instance, there’s plenty to love in Boise!


friends dancing together

4. You Miss Your People

Is your family or best friend in another time zone? If the location you’re in causes you unhappiness because you can’t break away for Friday Fun Family Movie Night, or can’t make it to your best friend’s wedding, it might be time for a change.

We’re often encouraged to prioritize career over relationships, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to move closer to your friends!


5. You Need More Independence

Does the thought of being closer to certain people fill you with dread? What if you want to get away from all of that?

Maybe mom is always interfering or you’re tired of being compared to your cousin. Either way, making it on your own far away from toxic stuff could be the best thing for you.


6. Too Many Painful Memories

Whether it was a relationship gone bad or trauma from another event, sometimes you just need a change of scenery. If that one café reminds you of something traumatic (and you have to drive past it every day), it might be time to move so you can stop being reminded of it on your daily commute.

Conversely, the opposite may be true. If you have too many fond memories of something that didn’t last and it hurts your heart to be reminded, you may need a fresh start. Perhaps a family member passed away and you still live in their home. Those familiar rooms might hurt too much without them there.


Twin Falls, Tennessee

7. You Need a (Literal) Change of Scenery

Some people prefer the beach, while some like the mountains. Some love cold weather, while others prefer heat. Some love the country, some love the city…. Do you see where we’re going with this?

You can change a lot about your home, but you can’t change the landscape. If you’ve always longed to live somewhere with a different climate or scenery, it might be time to move.


8. You Dream of A Different Life

This looks different for everyone, but if you’re constantly daydreaming of a better lifestyle, it might be the universe’s way of saying “Wake up! It’s time to move!” Perhaps you moved to NYC for the thriving nightlife but have since discovered you prefer a slower pace.

It can be hard to let go with no concrete reason, but if you can secure a job and a moving van, we say go for it!


Lonely, bored woman sitting at table

9. You’re In a Rut

You’ve been passed over for yet another promotion and find yourself stopping by the same coffee shop every weekend. If you’re feeling chronically unsettled, it could be time to pack your bags.

You can’t do the same thing every day for the rest of your life and continue to be happy!


10. It’s Just Not Working Out

New beginnings can be exciting, but sometimes the novelty wears off…fast.

Maybe that floorplan that seemed so cool at first is now just a headache to decorate around. Or you never used the in-ground pool you paid extra for. Perhaps you thought you wouldn’t mind an hour-long commute, but your lower back disagrees with you.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current home or city, it might be time to move on.



There are a lot of reasons that may make you feel like it’s time to move, from aspirations to bad relationships. Whatever is urging you to move, Cento is here to help.

With our full range of moving services, we can help you move across the country or down the street. While we pack and move your things safely, you can simply get excited about your new place!

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