Moving Timeline Checklist

Moving Timeline Checklist 2You’ve spent weeks (or longer) looking for that perfect place. You’ve signed a lease or mortgage and now you’re ready to move!

Well, maybe not exactly “ready.” In fact, you’ve probably spent plenty of time feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with everything you have to do. Don’t fret! Cento Family Moving has put together a moving timeline checklist so you complete all your tasks on time and not forget a single detail.


2 Months Before Move

  • Go through your house and weed out any items that you don’t need, want, or use.
  • Inventory all of your valuable items (for insurance purposes) and keep a master list in a safe place.
  • Get estimates from at least three moving companies and and hire one.
  • Create a “moving binder” to organize receipts, estimates, inventories, etc.
  • Arrange to have kids’ school records transferred if moving to a new school district.

6 Weeks Before Move

  • Gather packing supplies: boxes, tape, markers for labeling, bubble wrap, paper/newsprint, etc.
  • Make travel arrangements for long distance moves.
  • Finalize rental/real estate details.
  • If you’ll be changing doctors, obtain copies of the family’s medical records (that includes pets).
  • Notify insurance agencies to see if coverage needs to be updated or changed.
  • Start using up perishable and non-movable items (and don’t purchase any more unless it’s an emergency).
  • Measure your furniture to make sure it will fit in the new house/apartment (both through the door and in the room).

1 Month Before Move

  • Notify utility companies, bank, workplace’s HR Dept., newspapers/magazines, credit card companies, etc. of your change of address. Visit post office and fill out a change of address form (it’s free!).
  • Start packing! Pack infrequently used items first, ending with most used and children’s items. Label all boxes properly and separate very valuable or non-movable items to take with you.
  • Confirm details with your moving company.

2 Weeks Before Move

  • Request to have moving day off of work.
  • If moving to a location with a different climate, take your car to a trusted mechanic and get a tune-up. Ask if any other services will be needed for your new climate.
  • Reconfirm moving arrangements with moving company.
  • Empty storage units and safe deposit boxes, if necessary.
  • Confirm with utilities, cable, etc. that you will have service at your new house and that service at the old house is set to switch to the new owners.
  • Finish up major packing, but leave out anything you’ll need until the move. Label boxes with necessities (glasses, plates, clothes, etc.) as “open first.”
  • Refill any prescriptions you may need.
  • Use up the rest of the perishables in your fridge and pantry.
  • Email friends and family with your new address.
  • Get health certificates for your pets from the vet if you’ll be traveling by air.

1 Week Before Move

  • Make sure new house is clean and ready for your family (hire a cleaning company if possible).
  • Take out cash (for unexpected expenses and to tip the moving company).
  • Arrange payment for moving company, and make sure they have all pertinent information, including your cell number.
  • Have rugs professionally cleaned and wrapped up for moving day.
  • Pack a suitcase for each family member as if you will be going away for a weekend. This ensures you have all needed items (toothbrush, change of clothes, recreational items, etc.) on hand.

Moving Day

  • Make sure the truck that arrives is from the moving company you hired and check the USDOT number.
  • Review and sign the bill of lading or inventory list before the movers leave and keep a copy for your records.
  • Pack the last few items in your “first night” box.
  • Follow the movers as they inventory your items and mark down their condition.
  • Once movers have packed everything, take a final tour through the house to make sure nothing has been left behind. Close and lock all windows and doors and turn off all lights. Don’t turn off AC or fridges, as the Florida heat and humidity can cause mold to build up.


With the help of this moving timeline checklist, you should be ready to move in no time. But if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, call Cento Family Moving for an estimate or check out our free instant quote generator. We’ll get the job done and treat you like family.

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