What Does a Professional Mover Actually Do?

Perhaps you’re planning an upcoming move and trying to decide whether hiring a moving company is really worth it. Or maybe you’re considering work as a professional mover and you want to know a bit about the job first.

Whatever the reason, you’re curious about what professional movers actually do on moving day.

At first glance, it sounds straightforward: lots of lifting and carrying, right? But you’d be surprised; there’s actually a lot more to moving than meets the eye, and it starts before a single box is even packed.


1. Taking Inventory

A mover’s first step is usually to go over a list of items to be moved with the homeowner.

This can be done while the customer is receiving a quote (before they’ve actually hired a moving company), but it’s generally a good idea to go over everything before the move, just to make sure everyone is clear about the scope of the work.

Moving day can be hectic, so taking the time to chronicle every item is going to be a benefit for both the professional movers and you. You’ll know everything you have and where it’s going. In the past, you may have moved and had a mystery box, which does kind of feel like opening a present. However, that lack of organization can also lead to moving day stress. You don’t need that.


2. Checking the Vehicle

Before beginning a move, a mover will examine the truck to make sure that it’s in top shape and will last the day.

There’s no use going out with a truck that will quit before the crew does. Even if you are moving yourself, you should do a quality inspection of either your rental vehicle or your own car. One of the worst things that can happen mid-move is a break-down.

With all the belongings and valuables you’ll have in tow, you want to make sure that your journey is safe and secure. Of course, your professional movers will do the same, only with their own vehicle.


3. Packing

If this service is included, the movers will begin packing boxes. Movers can even be hired to pack only certain items.

Moving crews should use the best tricks and resources to keep all belongings from being damaged during transport. Packing is one of the worst tasks associated with moving. If you’ve ever moved (and it is very likely that you have), putting all of your things in boxes, labeling those boxes, then moving those boxes only to open them once more, can be a nightmare.

Full service movers can do this for you, for a price. If you opt for a full service packing move, be prepared to kick your feet up and relax, because this is where professional mover services can really make a time and experience difference. Movers will delicately handle and wrap your valuables, secure them in boxes, label those boxes, and get those boxes moved on to your new home.

If you’re thinking of putting some of your items in storage, check out our post on How to Pack Your Items for Storage and get the most out of your storage unit!


4. Protecting

One of the most common fears centered around moving companies is the fear of having your precious items damaged.

A good moving company will take the time to protect your furniture as well as your home. Carpet protectors, moving blankets, padding, and plastic wrap can do wonders to prevent damage during a move. Runners should be used to make sure that dings and dents don’t magically appear on corridors and moldings.

Quality professional movers will know exactly how to safeguard the home you are exiting as well as your new residence, minimizing the potential for damage and loss. Many people have a moving horror story where some friends heaved a couch over a staircase and crashed through a window, or knocked out a light. That doesn’t have to be your story as long as your belongings are properly protected.


5. Loading

After your belongings are packed and protected, movers will load everything onto the truck. But anybody who’s tried to move themselves knows that this step is easier said than done. A rented truck may have a platform that is up to 4 feet off the ground. Others advertise a lower platform with a ramp, but there are still dangerous clamps and hooks to adjust on the path to moving success.

A professional, top-quality crew knows exactly how to load oddly shaped furniture, heavy boxes, and fragile items to make sure everything gets to your new home in one piece. Moving companies excel at maximizing space and efficiency with a load. That means putting boxes in a position where they won’t fall and protecting your valuable glass coffee table properly through transit.

Left to individuals without the training and know-how, your belongings may end up cracked, smashed, or scratched upon arrival.


6. Securing

If necessary, movers will tie down heavier items within the truck so that they don’t shift during transit and cause damage. The key to having full service movers on your side is the method in the process.

The movers will secure items in the truck using special moving mats, straps, clamps, and locks that are not lying around in your garage. You may be able to rent some of this equipment from your local truck store, but that doesn’t mean you know how to correctly use it.

You probably used the tried and true method of jamming as much stuff in the back of the truck as possible, feeling that the proximity of items to one another would keep them in place. That simply won’t protect your valuables from shifting, moving, and more importantly, breaking. Securing your belongings is a moving day must that moving companies can execute better than you.

If the items are going into a storage unit, there are additional steps that can be taken to protect valuables from moisture intrusion, pests, and other nuisances that you can’t plan for. In addition, using a moving company and professional movers means that they will help fill that storage unit; trained individuals maximizing space with limited availability. Storage units are made small and priced by size, so having an expert on your side is very helpful.


7. Driving

When is the last time you drove a 10-ton truck? Driving a moving truck is not the same as driving a 2-door sedan. A moving truck filled with boxes and furniture requires a careful attention to turns, stops, and traffic. The dimensions of the truck will be unfamiliar to you, meaning you might damage signs, gates, trees, and other roadside elements that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Professional movers should be certified and registered with national organizations guaranteeing safety and security. The FMCSA, for example, is a good start. Cento Family Moving & Storage has the appropriate registrations to ensure the safety of your belongings, even across the entire country.

Yes, the people at the rental truck store will let you drive their trucks, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or feasible for a long trip. When moving day comes for you, think about the time and money you’ll save letting someone else worry about the truck.


8. Unloading

Once truck and residents have all arrived at the new home or apartment, the furniture and boxes are all unloaded by movers.

If you are handling the move yourself, how many friends will it take to get the job done? Professional movers are trained in the best strategies for moving heavy loads with efficiency. They know where everything goes, how to most effectively get it from the truck to your home, and how to minimize the total time the truck is loaded.

Movers will take the same precautions to ensure that flooring, walls, and belongings are protected from bangs, scrapes, and drops. Will your group of friends take the same precautions? Will they wrap furniture properly, put things where they should be, and even place furniture where it will reside in your home? Full service movers do all that and more.


9. Organizing

Most homeowners already have an idea of where the furniture should go—if not on paper, at least in their heads.

While items are being unloaded, the moving crew coordinates which pieces and boxes belong in which room, and they take the time to ask the customer how the furniture should be arranged within the room. Professional movers won’t just leave everything in the living room and hope for the best.

Organizing your new home can be a daunting task. Moving companies perform this task every day, all throughout the year. Having professionals in your home that can assist you on where everything will fit, without damaging floors, walls, and ceilings, is invaluable.


10. Clean up

Once the truck has been emptied and everything is in it’s rightful place, the moving crew will get the final sign-off from the customer. At this time, the movers will gather up the blankets, padding, dollies, carpet protectors, and other materials they used to guard furniture, as well as collect any empty boxes that the homeowner has unpacked.

From beginning to end, professional movers offer a level of service you can’t find in the do-it-yourself version of moving. Moving is a very stressful experience, not just because of the actual displacement of you and your family from where you lived, but the added inconvenience of your belongings being unavailable. Having a team of movers there to help get the bulk of the move cleaned up will not just save you time, but offer peace of mind for the overall transition you and your family are going through.

At the end of a long moving day, you deserve the boxes and materials cleaned up so you can get some sleep in your new home. The final step of a moving day done right with professional movers on your side.


If that sounds like a lot of hard work, you’re right (now you understand why it’s important not to pick the just the cheapest mover around). These high standards has made us one of the highest ranking Movers in Central Florida.

Cento Family Moving & Storage Cento Family Moving and Storage has delivered quality service to customers all around the United States.

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